Truck Hire – A Quick Guide To Our Small, Medium, & Heavy-Duty Trucks

Rentco has the full range of commercial trucks for hire, from light vehicles to medium-rigid trucks and heavy-duty trucks.

Need to hire a truck or transport vehicle for your business, but not sure which one will meet your requirements best?

With so many different vehicle classifications and types to choose from, it can be challenging purchasing or hiring equipment that suits your short or long-term needs.

Some of the key factors you’ll need to take into account are the type of freight or amount of passengers you need to move; projected business demand and usage frequency; and safety and compliance.

To help you choose the right truck for your business needs, here’s a quick overview of all the different sized transport vehicles and trucks for hire at Rentco, common uses for each, and when we’d recommend hiring one for your business.

Light vehicles and small trucks

In Australia, light commercial vehicles are defined as vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 metric tonnes or less. Types of light vehicles include vans and pickup trucks, or passenger vehicles such as utes and buses.

Rentco has a wide range of safe and affordable light vehicles to get your workforce from A to B. Whether you need to move workers to and from your work site, across town, or back to home base, we have dual cab utes and 12 or 25 seater buses for hire.

All of our light vehicles are compliant with mine and construction site specifications and can be customised further to fit your requirements.

After a small truck to transport and pick up goods? We also have a range of 3-tonne trucks that are small enough and easy to manoeuvre around tight corners and narrow driveways – an ideal choice when you’re running a tight schedule in busy city areas.

Medium-rigid trucks

Looking for something that can move a bit more weight over longer distances? A Medium Rigid (MR) truck could be more appropriate for your needs.

MR vehicles include trucks or buses with 2 axles and a gross vehicle mass (GVM) greater than 8 tonnes. MR trucks are typically used to pull trailers, such as our truck trailers and extendable flatbed semi-trailers, or even a tipper truck.

Heavy-duty trucks

For longer transport journeys, or if you need to move much larger loads, you’ll want to hire a Heavy Rigid (HR) truck, or prime mover.

With a selection of power alternatives from 300 to 600 horsepower, our prime movers are powerful enough to haul road trains and oversized freight, such as plant machinery or huge quantities of materials.

We have a modern fleet of more than 300 prime movers ready to hire anywhere in Australia, and professionally maintained so you have peace of mind that they can last the journey required of them.

If you’ve got a unique job that requires special transport equipment, or if you’re still unsure of what vehicle best suits your needs, our expert team would be glad to help you. 

Give us a call today to enquire about our range of light commercial vehicleslight to medium rigid trucks and prime movers for hire, or find your nearest Rentco depot details through our website.