Driving Tired Costs Lives

According to the Australian Road Safety Commission, fatigue could be responsible for up to 30% of all road deaths every year, and an even greater proportion of serious injury crashes. Most of these events are single-vehicle crashes, which include run-off road incidents. Driving an unfamiliar vehicle like a rental truck adds to the risk, especially if you are tired… Continue reading Driving Tired Costs Lives

I’ve Crashed My Rental Truck, What Should I Do?

Accidents can and do happen especially if you’re driving an unfamiliar hire truck. Common sense tells us a truck handles differently to the average car or van, given that they’re larger and harder to manoeuvre. You also have restricted visibility when driving a rental truck, because they have no rear-view mirrors. Combine that with potential weight distribution… Continue reading I’ve Crashed My Rental Truck, What Should I Do?