12 Seater Bus Hire

A 12 seater bus for hire

Mine sites in Australia are some of the toughest workplaces in the world. In most cases, they’re many kilometres from the nearest town and in the nation’s north, are often operating in extreme weather conditions. This makes transporting staff to and from site challenging, especially in areas where roads are unsealed or at best rough. This is when you need reliable light transport vehicles which are covered by the support of a local company with national outreach.

Looking after your people

At Rentco, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality rental equipment on the market, backed by a 24/7 national breakdown support service. When you’re operating in a tough environment, we understand that any onsite vehicles have to be equally tough.

This is why we have assembled a fleet of bus hire vehicles including a 12 seater people movers that tick the boxes for Mine Spec requirements and are ready to operate in diverse mine site conditions.

Rentco Mine-spec vehicles are available to hire with the following options:

– Engineered Roll Over Protection Systems
– Load Guards
– Starter Motor Isolation/Jump Start Receptacle Kits
– High Lights
– Reverse Alarms
– UHF and Digital Radios
– In Vehicle Management System (IVMS)
– Safety Equipment – Mine Flag, Warning Triangles, Wheel Chocks, Internal Ropes, First Aid Kit, Wheel Nut Indicators and Fire Extinguishers
– Reflective Safety Tape and Call Sign Decals.

Add air-conditioning and cloth seats for a mini bus with optimum comfort. Check with your local sales and service centre to find out if these vehicles are available in your area.

Rentco in remote Australia

When you have staff working in difficult, or extreme weather conditions, you have a duty of care to make sure they’re travelling safely when they set off or return from a shift. Our self-drive 12 seater mini bus is the perfect solution for getting your crew safely to where they need to be, on or off site.

Construction Industry Shuttle Bus

Getting staff to remote work site can be a challenge, but work sites in a busy metro area with limited parking available also pose logistical problems. Transporting workers to site from a central collection point delivers many benefits:

– 12 staff, one vehicle, means less fuel consumption. It’s cost effective and better for the environment
– Central mustering point ensures staff are accounted for and arrive on-time
– You know that your workers are on-site when they need to be
– OSH – you know who’s onsite and can contact them if there’s an emergency
– If someone is absent you can reschedule work or pull in temporary staff
– Transport time can be used to brief employees on site, safety or work issues.

Business Transfers

Have a group of people to move? Hire a people mover! Airport pickup’s, hotel or conference transfers and corporate events are less complicated if your group can enjoy the reliability and convenience of a shuttle bus.

Why choose Rentco?

Whatever the occasion, Rentco has a rental vehicle to meet your needs.

– We pride ourselves on offering very competitive rates for short or longer term hire
– We offer the bonus of 24/7 national breakdown support service at no extra cost
– Our fleet of modern, well maintained 12 seater mini bus can be driven with a standard car licence

With outlets in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin, you enjoy the benefit of local service and a national network.