Yard Truck Rental

One of the most useful pieces of kit you can lay your hands on in a commercial freight yard, a yard truck (also known as a terminal tractor) is a vehicle designed for moving trailers in or around your premises safely and efficiently. Its nifty design accommodates a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, which allows the… Continue reading Yard Truck Rental

Tipper Truck Hire

Sometimes called a dump truck, tipper trucks are a safe and efficient way of transporting loose materials. Whether you’re a contractor, construction company, supplier, or farmer, our tipper trucks can streamline your tasks and boost efficiency, all while maintaining safety standards. We understand the challenges that businesses face when vehicles are under repair or specialised… Continue reading Tipper Truck Hire

Small Truck Hire

Small trucks come in many shapes and configurations. If you have orders to deliver or need a truck to pick up or deliver supplies, nothing beats the convenience of a small to medium size rental truck that can often be driven with a standard car licence. Our trucks are available in a number of options… Continue reading Small Truck Hire

Rigid Truck Hire

Looking for an affordable and reliable single axle rigid truck for your next project? Look no further than Rentco, your go-to destination for rigid truck rentals across Australia. We specialise in providing a versatile fleet of rigid trucks that can tackle even the toughest Australian conditions. When it comes to truck hire, Rentco stands out… Continue reading Rigid Truck Hire

Rigid Flat Top Hire

Our rigid flat top is one of the most popular trailer options in the truck hire business. Our most in-demand model by far is the gated 7-metre flat tray top trailer. Customers love them for their strength and versatility: they’re tough enough to cope with on-site conditions and compact enough to get around town with… Continue reading Rigid Flat Top Hire

Mini Tipper Hire

When you’re looking for a mini tipper with a mighty range, you can’t go past Rentco’s Mini Tipper Truck rental. With a generous 3.5 cubic metre body and a two-way tailgate, this little workhorse ticks all the boxes. Why choose mini tipper truck hire? Perfect for moving small loads, clearing smaller sites, or picking up… Continue reading Mini Tipper Hire

Prime Mover Hire

The Rentco fleet has over 200 prime movers and a diverse variety of hire trucks which are suited to domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial purposes. We can supply prime mover rentals that are compliant with fuel specification requirements for hazardous goods and applications such as mining or off-road.  We can also provide water carting equipment.… Continue reading Prime Mover Hire