How To Set Up Contactless Delivery With Rentco Truck Rentals

Rigid trucks for hire are available from Rentco.

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners around the world are wondering: is contactless delivery here to stay?

While the threat of the virus is down thanks to the arrival of vaccines, the convenience offered by no-contact delivery is still widely enjoyed – and perhaps even preferred – by today’s customers.

With the increasing popularity of direct-to-door services like UberEats and Amazon, more shoppers are accustomed to ordering products and services on demand without having to venture further than their doorstep.

In 2021, online retail spending in Australia grew by 51.1%, while less than 27% of payments today are made in cash thanks to health restrictions and the rise of touchless payments.

Whether you’re a restaurant or retail business that’s looking to enhance your service offering with flexible delivery options, here are some best practices we recommend to do contactless delivery safely and efficiently for your business and customers.

1. Save time with software that automates customer orders and tracking

The speed and increased volume of customer transactions are major reasons why most retail and hospitality businesses have maintained contactless ordering and delivery options. 

With this in mind, it only makes sense to invest in the best quality online ordering system to ensure their experience is as easy and fuss-free as possible (which means more dollars for your business!)

If you haven’t already, adding a contactless delivery option to your ordering system is the first thing you’ll need to tackle.

If your business is just getting started with online orders, here are some key considerations to compare and choose the right software solutions for your business:

  • Does it offer multiple secure digital payment options and generate clear records of purchases and orders?
  • Can customers get tracking notifications to know when their order is confirmed, on the way, and delivered or ready to be picked up?
  • Is there a mechanism for drivers to get proof of delivery?

    Everyone fears their precious packages being stolen from their front porch, so investing in software that allows drivers to take pictures and other records of their delivery is paramount to avoid any misunderstandings or potential theft.
  • Can your delivery software monitor and optimise routes for your drivers?

    Besides knowing where your delivery trucks and personnel are at at all times, having these advanced capabilities means that drivers can shave off more time spent between deliveries and complete more orders each day.

    At Rentco, each of our rental trucks come fitted with a tracking software that allows delivery managers to pin-point its location, get insights on routes travelled, and even safety alerts.

2. Define your procedures for contactless delivery

Next, you need to outline and communicate your process for contactless deliveries, both with your staff and customers.

Poorly-communicated policies and inconsistent levels of compliance are often the culprit when it comes to safety breaches and outbreaks, so it’s important to invest in training and supporting your employees to do the right thing. 

Here are some of the must-dos when it comes to contactless delivery:

  • Ensure drivers wear PPE equipment and work in a clean environment.

    While COVID-19 health precautions are still in place, you’ll need to make sure your delivery drivers properly wear equipment such as gloves and masks to protect themselves and customers from passing on the virus.

    Delivery trucks should be regularly cleaned and also equipped with hand sanitiser, so that drivers can sanitise their hands before and after handling deliveries, opening gates, pressing doorbells, etc.
  • Train staff on how to communicate with customers and where to leave their orders and packages.

    Leaving packages in the wrong place for customers to pickup is just plain frustrating and risky. Every customer’s home is different, and what may seem like a safe place to drivers might not be the same for the customer, so communicating delivery preferences early and again, getting proof of delivery, is key.

3. Keep costs down with a fixed cost rental truck

For many small and medium-sized businesses, accommodating a curbside pickup option for customers is easier said than done. Delivery trucks aren’t cheap, and maintaining them piles on even more costs and stress for businesses who are already spread thin. 

With Rentco, however, you can hire a commercial truck at a fixed cost with the peace of mind that it has been serviced and maintained regularly by our team of mechanics and technicians. You’ll also have access to our 24/7 breakdown support service, wherever you are in mainland Australia. 

To enquire about our range of commercial trucks for hire and get the right vehicle for your business needs, find your nearest Rentco depot details on our website and give us a call.