Truck Hire – Rentco, The Go-To Transport Company For All Your Hire Needs

At Rentco we offer several different truck hire options. From the stop – start delivery pattern of inner city runs to long haul transport to regional centres and interstate, a rental truck from Rentco is ready and able to work in some of the harshest environments in the world.  From the rigors of working on metropolitan construction sites to operating safely on the mine sites in the North West our rental truck are designed to get the job done.  

Why Choose Rentco For Your Truck Hire Needs?

Fixed cost rental truck means no costly overheads

When access to a modern fleet of vehicles on an as needed basis is required, a sensible solution for many companies is the truck hire option.  Renting a truck and paying a fixed daily, weekly, monthly or term of project rate makes good economic sense.  Truck hire lets you respond fast to changing market conditions and hire a vehicle to meet demand in peak periods.  Renting a vehicle allows you to manage cash flow by knowing your fixed cost in advance.  


The current economic environment makes flexibility even more important.  In response to Corona Virus, many companies have revised how they do business, switching to a digital sales platform and adopting a contactless delivery strategy.  Hiring a truck from Rentco allows businesses to pivot their business model and keep trading.  

Other businesses rely on road transport entirely and run their own fleet.  A hire truck allows you to instantly add vehicles to your existing fleet or fill a gap when you require a specialised vehicle for a specific purpose or time frame.  

The flexibility of a rental truck helps you to service your clients by meeting demands and timelines in peak periods. Returning the hire vehicle when business is quieter and it’s no longer required means no expensive downtime.  

Rental trucks you can rely on

At Rentco, we employ our own in-house team of experienced mechanics and technicians to service and maintain our modern fleet of hire trucks.  This ensures vehicle servicing is scheduled in advance. 

When you pick up a rental truck from any of Rentco’s nation-wide depots, you can be assured that it has been carefully checked to meet our own rigorous standards and has undergone a multi-point safety check before it leaves the yard.  A  Rentco Rental truck is primed and ready to get the job done. 


Where ever you are in mainland Australia, Rentco has you covered.  With a Rentco depot in all State capital cities and many regional centres, you get the benefit of local service with national outreach and 24/7 national breakdown support service.

Talk to our friendly customer service staff to work out the most efficient and cost effective vehicle hire options.  If you have a truck hire problem we’ll find a rental solution. 

Rigid Hire Trucks

The Rentco fleet of single axel rigid trucks are configured to help you get the job done.  They’re equipped with gates, bull bar, spotlights and dangerous goods book.  Some models are available with refrigeration. So versatile, they’re designed to transport cargo loaded onto pallets, or boxes and cartons.

Rigid Flat Top Rentals  

With its 8 tonne payload, the rigid flat top is prized for its strength and versatility.  They’re tough enough to cope with on-site conditions and compact enough to get around town and have the range and capacity for long-haul deliveries.  Customers love the gated 7-metre flat tray top trailer because the added gates give them the flexibility to transport irregular size or hard to contain cargo like tyres, machinery easily and safely.

Tipper Truck Hire

Highly valued by the construction industry, quarries, farmers and landscapers, an end tipper is the solution if you’re transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, aggregate, road base or demolition waste) for construction, grain or feed to farmers or soil to site for landscapers. 

Mini Tipper Rental Trucks

With a generous 3.5 cubic metre body and a two-way tailgate, Rentco’s Mini Tipper hire truck is so convenient. It’s perfect for getting into tight inner city locations, moving small loads, clearing smaller sites or picking up supplies.

Yard Truck Rental

Probably one of the most useful pieces of kit you can lay your hands on in a commercial freight yard. A Yard Truck rental is designed specifically for moving trailers in or around your premises safely and efficiently.  Its compact size and design accommodates a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, which allows the operator to move trailers around without exiting the cab.

Small Truck Hire

Small trucks come in many shapes and configurations. If you have orders to deliver or need a truck to pick up or deliver supplies, nothing beats the convenience of a small rental truck that can often be driven with a standard car licence.

Prime Mover Hire

With well over 200 prime movers available to hire, our modern fleet offers a diverse variety of hire trucks suited to domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial purposes.  Hire the prime mover to fill a gap in your fleet or ask us about our truck and trailer combo deals.