Trailer Hire: How To Choose The Right Truck And Trailer For Any Job

A tautliner truck is one of Rentco's commercial trucks for hire

Trucks are a cost effective, flexible, and relatively faster mode of freight transportation for Australian businesses. Easy to acquire and available for long and short-term hire, you may be looking for a truck trailer to complete your next job – but which is the right one for your needs?

At Rentco, we offer a wide range of commercial trailers for hire – from flatbed trailers to tippers and tautliners. Here’s a quick overview of each type’s key features and when we’d recommend using them.

1. Truck trailer

Our 2-axle drawbar trailers are an ideal choice for hauling mixed loads or if you require more space for larger jobs. They can accommodate a 20ft container and come with built-in twist locks to secure it in place, along with other additional safety features.

This trailer’s low drawbar makes it easy to load pre packed containers, machinery, general plant or other cargo and comes equipped with walk boards. If you’re looking for a versatile solution at an affordable price, our truck trailers are the way to go.

2. Extendable flatbed semi-trailers

If you tend to move loads that vary in size or exceed the length capacity of conventional flatbed trailers, extendable flatbed semi-trailers are a flexible option. These open trailers can typically be extended to up to 80 feet, and the additional length it provides means it can load more cargo without increasing vertical clearance requirements.

To expand the trailer, all you need to do is release the trailer’s locking pin, apply the brakes to the trailer and then drive the truck forward to pull the front end of the trailer until it extends to your required length.

Our extendable flatbed semi-trailers for hire are available at a total length up to 22.6 metres, are road train compatible, and come with a tandem and tri axle,  as well as 3-way container pins and load gates on request.

3. Side tippers

A safe and speedy option for unloading large amounts of loose freight, side tipper trucks are a great choice for businesses in the construction and agricultural industries. Whether you’re shifting loads of gravel, grain, or waste from a site, a side tipper can be used to easily dump loads over barriers and are easy to move around in tighter spaces. 

Thanks to their design and lower centre of gravity, side tippers also tend to be safer to use than end tippers; read our more detailed guide on hiring tipper trucks here.

4. Tautliner trailer

A Tautliner, or curtainsider, is a type of flat-bed trailer which has curtains fixed on either side of it. If you need a trailer that can accommodate a range of loads, from palletised freight to loose materials, a curtainsider is a flexible option to use. 

They offer more capacity and tend to be cheaper to hire out than a dry van, and can be easily loaded and unloaded from the sides or back of the truck.

Want to talk to a transport equipment expert to find the right trailer to hire for your business? Our team would be happy to help you explore your options with our commercial trailer rentals. Simply give us a call or find your nearest Rentco depot details through our website.