When Should You Hire A Tautliner?

A Rentco Tautliner truck

A Tautliner (also referred to as a curtainsider) is a type of flat-bed truck or trailer which has PVC-coated curtains fixed on either side of it. 

The curtains are supported by roof rails and aluminium posts at the front and back of the vehicle, and tightly secured with buckles. Drivers can draw the curtains back to allow for easy loading and unloading from the side, or simply open up the rigid rear door of the truck.

Compared to a dry van, a curtainsider has more capacity, a high strength-to-weight ratio, and is more economical to use. They also provide protection from the weather, eliminating the time-consuming and finicky task of tarping. 

If you’re looking for transport equipment that can accommodate a range of different loads, then you might want to rent a Tautliner. Here are some of the most popular uses of these versatile trucks and trailers:

1. Moving palletised freight

A Tautliner is ideally used for loading up palletised freight that can be lifted with a forklift, but almost any load that is contained in bulk bags can be safely transported via a curtainsider.

2. Transporting loose freight

Some curtainsiders also come with a retractable roof curtain, which makes it easier to load loose freight (i.e. loads that do not require packaging). Freight such as wood chips, sawdust, and animal feed can be simply dropped from above and contained from the elements.

3. Chilled freight

Some Tautliners can have a cooler unit fitted inside for goods that need to be kept chilled at a constant temperature, such as fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Besides these common uses, a Tautliner truck is also a great way to advertise your business if you choose to add your own custom branding to the curtains.

Depending on what your budget and needs are for your next job, you should consider what special parts or configurations you’ll need to ensure your freight is transported as safely as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a flat top or drop-deck style trailer, thicker curtains for extra insulation and load restraint, or want to install a mezzanine floor to create more space for pallets, our Tautliner trailers and trucks for hire come in a variety of configurations.

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