Tipper Truck Hire

A tipper truck for hire from Rentco

Sometimes called a dump truck, tipper trucks are a safe and efficient way of transporting loose materials. Whether you’re a contractor, construction company, supplier, or farmer, our tipper trucks can streamline your tasks and boost efficiency, all while maintaining safety standards.

We understand the challenges that businesses face when vehicles are under repair or specialised equipment is required for specific projects. Many of our clients find truck rental to be an affordable and practical solution.

If you’re site clearing, demolition or quarry work or if you’re carting grain, sand, aggregate, or soil, get in touch with Rentco.

Simple to operate

Rentco’s tipper truck hire vehicles are easy to manoeuvre and can operate in tight spaces, which makes them ideal for inner city construction sites. Easy to load, this open-bed truck is hinged at the rear of the bed and fitted with hydraulic levers. The hydraulic lifter raises the front of the bed, allowing the cargo of loose material to be safely offloaded or dumped.

Designed for safety and driver comfort

Our modern rental trucks feature tandem drive axles, enhancing stability at highway speeds and minimising the impact of tire punctures.

Improved handling translates to increased driver comfort and reduced cab stress.

All Rentco tipper trucks come equipped with retractable tarps for load restraint, in compliance with state government road safety regulations.

Practical solutions when you have to deliver

We understand that time is precious in business. When efficiency matters most, our tipper trucks shine. When you need a real workhorse with a generous 14-cubic metre body, hire a tipper truck from Rentco.

Tip trucks with versatility

We love the versatility of the two-way tailgate and think you will too. This smart design feature means the tailgate can be easily switched between side or top-hinged. An important safety bonus includes the ability to operate the hoist from a secure position beside the trailer, reducing the danger of human error.

Choose Rentco for reliable tipper truck hire

We’ve built our business reputation on customer service, and pride ourselves on operating a fleet of modern hire vehicles that undergo a multi-point safety check before they leave our depot. We have a staff of experienced and qualified technicians who service and maintain our fleet in-house.

Choose Rentco for reliable, high-quality tipper truck rental that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. To enquire about our tipper trucks for hire, contact your nearest Rentco depot here.