Meet your business’ short-term demands with flatbed trailer rentals

A flatbed trailer for hire at Rentco on the road and prepared for the day.

For most businesses in the logistics and construction industries, demand isn’t a steady thing. Projects ebb and flow. Supply and demand ramps up or down depending on the season.

Whether you’re transporting heavy-duty mining equipment, moving materials to site, delivering large stacks of pallets, or moving your equipment into place, a flatbed trailer is the perfect solution.

But, noted above, the demand isn’t always constant. So if you’re only using them sporadically, it’s not always viable to invest in one yourself.

In these situations, flatbed trailer rental is the ideal solution—and Rentco has you covered with a range of flatbed trailers available for hire.

The benefits of flatbed trailers

Flatbed trailers are sturdy workhorses, designed to support your team in moving, shifting, and delivering. There are four big benefits to integrating flatbed trailers into your fleet.

They’re extremely versatile

Flatbed trailers can be used to transport goods and equipment all over the country, and can take a wide variety of cargo. From shipping containers and pallets of materials, to heavy equipment like dozers, diggers, and other trucks, and even oversized equipment like cable spools, demountable buildings, and large-scale construction materials. Their versatility makes them useful in almost any transport situation.

They’re adaptable

As well as any transport situation, flatbed trailers are useful in most industries where movement of goods and equipment is required. Not just mining and construction, but logistics, agriculture, and even the automotive and aviation industries.

Need more space? Extendable flatbed trailers provide extra length to maximise your available transport capabilities.

They’re reliable

Flatbed trailers are extremely strong pieces of equipment, built to take significant weight. You can load them up safely with as much as you need (cargo limits depending), and you know that your equipment will arrive where it needs to get to, safe and sound.

With their specific design, they’re able to accommodate oversized loads safely. Six wheels on strong axles provide reliability on the road, and reduce the risk of unbalanced cargo.

Easy to access and usage

Flatbed trailers feature an open design that allows for easy access from all sides, whether by crane or hand. Without walls or a roof, you can shift goods on and off from the side with a swing lifter, or drive vehicles directly on from the back.

Why flatbed trailer hire?

When it comes to short-term business needs, flatbed trailer hire makes more sense than investing in a completely new asset.

Rather than making a long-term investment, and spending substantial capital upfront, you only pay for the use that you need—and you’re not stuck with your capital tied up in a depreciating asset.

It’s a far more flexible option, as you don’t need to store or maintain your trailer in its off-time, and if your requirements increase you can simply hire more trailers as your needs dictate.

Getting the right flatbed trailer is important

Choosing the right flatbed trailer for your requirements isn’t just better for your transport capabilities. It also helps ensure the safety of your drivers, your teams, and other road users.

At Rentco, we can help you get the right trailer for your requirements. We’ll talk through your needs, and ensure you get the model that’s suitable for your carrying and transportation conditions. Request a quote today from our friendly team.

Our trailers are heavy-duty and built tough, designed to withstand the rigours of regular road travel and cope with the harsh conditions often found on regional and remote Australian roads.

We have a selection of different lengths to choose from, each one compliant to mine site specifications, suitable for ISO containers, and both B-double and road train compatible.

Our fleet of trailers feature a fully gated design to implement when you need it, with container pins for 20ft and 40ft containers on the bottom deck. LED lights all around the sides deliver improved visibility. We also have EBS and ABS-equipped trailers as part of our fleet, which provides more efficient braking in challenging conditions.

Choose Rentco for your flatbed trailer hire needs

At Rentco, our range of flatbed trailers is ready to integrate seamlessly with your fleet to keep your operations running smoothly. We’ll help you meet short-term demand fluctuations and get your materials, products, machinery, equipment, and more where it needs to go safely and efficiently.

Our wide range of flatbed trailers undergoes a comprehensive regular maintenance program to help detect and neutralise any issues before they turn into problems. Every asset is thoroughly cleaned and checked by our in-house maintenance team, ensuring they’re serviced and ready to go before they leave our facilities.

And with 24/7 breakdown assistance, we’re there to help you get back up and running whenever you need it.

Get in touch with our team to discuss how flatbed trailer hire can support your business to thrive during its busiest times.