How you can simplify your operations with swing lifter hire

a blue swing lift hire truck by Rentco

Businesses in the logistics, agriculture, mining, and construction industries rely on speed and efficiency.

Particularly when it comes to transporting containers and similar loads around bustling freight yards, or busy construction sites; between locations; or delivering to partners, customers, and clients.

In these situations precise container handling is critical. Otherwise you run the risk of slowing down your operations, and creating roadblocks that mean your materials or products don’t get where they need to on time, or keep your crews waiting to get on to the next stage of their project.

At Rentco, our swing lifter hire helps you optimise the efficiency of your material movements, with a range of Hammar and Steelbro side loader hire options available, we can revolutionise the way you handle freight.

Here’s how we can make a difference to your business.

Without efficient load shifting, your business grinds to a halt

Efficient load shifting is the lifeblood of businesses dealing with shipping containers. For logistics companies, the ability to transfer goods quickly is paramount, especially with strict deadlines. In agriculture, careful handling of produce is essential for maintaining freshness and quality. Construction and mining companies must balance speed with safety, navigating challenges posed by heavy equipment and materials.

When your business involves shipping containers, you already know the importance of efficient load shifting.

For logistics businesses, your customers rely on your ability to transfer their goods quickly, with strict deadlines. For those working in agriculture, the timely—and careful—handling of your produce is essential for preserving its freshness, quality, and ensuring it can be sold at all.

Construction and mining companies need to think about speed as well as the safety of their people, with heavy equipment, materials, and payloads creating additional challenges.

Shipping containers, versatile as they are, can be unwieldy. Storing them carefully at your site doesn’t eliminate the challenges of moving them. This process often involves multiple people, tying up valuable assets and personnel and resulting in costly downtime.

When efficiency is money, you can’t really afford this downtime.

This is where swing lifters come into their own.

Simplify your operations with swing lifter hire

Swing lifters, or side loaders, are designed to solve the logistical challenges of moving large containers around your site, where space or access to the container is limited.. They serve as versatile solutions to simplify freight handling operations, offering distinct advantages over traditional methods.

So rather than relying on an unsafe forklift, a reach stacker that takes up a significant footprint, or by positioning your trailer in front of your container—which won’t work where space is at a premium— This enables lateral loading, eliminating the need to position a trailer in front of the container.

With swing lifters, they attach easily to the back of a prime mover. You can maneuver your vehicle right next to the containers, attach and lift them onto your trailer effortlessly. The swing lifter’s powerful stabilisers ensure safe operations, allowing you to complete the job without reconfiguring your site or warehouse

Side loaders can be operated by one person, too. They simply attach the side loader components to your container, and you can operate it directly from the cab. This not only enhances precision and safety but also reduces the risk of accidents. The elevated viewpoint from the cab provides a better view, ensuring fewer people are involved and freeing up your team to focus on other tasks.

Side loader hire helps you address temporary fleet needs

While side loaders are a valuable addition to your fleet, purchasing a new asset might not be the most cost-effective solution for intermittent transport needs. For short-term, seasonal, or temporary requirements, side loader hire offers a flexible and efficient solution.

So for short-term, seasonal, or temporary use, we recommend a side loader hire option. You can introduce it into your fleet to cover busy periods, or specific projects where you need to shift heavy container loads, and ensure the efficiency of your teams during this time, without committing to an investment in a whole new asset.

After all, a new piece of equipment also comes with regular maintenance and upkeep, long-term storage, and depreciation—so if you don’t need to invest capital for a piece of equipment you don’t use all the time, why would you?

Rentco is here to help you streamline your freight handling

Swing lifter hire from Rentco simplifies operations by improving freight handling in tight or confined spaces. These machines are not just safer but also more efficient, enabling faster and more precise container loading. What’s more, with a rental option, you’re not tied down with the financial burden of owning equipment that you only use sporadically.

At Rentco, we provide a range of high quality Hammar and Steelbro side load hire options, all regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible, with round-the-clock support to help you get the most out of these nifty machines.

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you integrate side loader and swing lifter rentals into your operations.