Flat Rack – The Go-To Solution For Your Needs

Flat rack containers can be stacked on top of each other.

For many exporters, flat rack containers are the go-to solution when they need to transport, ship or store irregular cargo. Whether the cargo is being moved by road, sea or rail, hiring flat rack containers from Rentco as you need them at a price that won’t break the bank is a decision that your accountant will approve of.   

The benefit of flat racks

Our clients love Rentco flat racks because they’re manufactured to the highest standards. Our 40’ Flat Rack containers are designed and constructed to keep your cargo safe even during the harshest conditions at sea or in transit.

Besides being manufactured for strength and durability, they’re stackable and incorporate the following features:

  • Steel frame, with a softwood floor and two end walls which are stable enough to allow several flat-racks to be stacked on top of one another.
  • Available in a number of configurations.
  • Constructed with a highly durable floor and have a high loading capacity. Our collapsible 40’container can accommodate up to a 4000kg payload.
  • Fixed or collapsible walls.
  • Contents can be safely secured at reinforced points located in the side rails, corner posts or floor.

These specialised load-carrying structure have standardised weight bearing corner fittings both at the top and bottom of the container.  This allows them to be safely stacked, an important feature on the wharf or in the yard. The flexible configuration f these containers means even if the load is wide, rather than high, it can still be safely accommodated.

When you need versatility, we have the solution

  • Transporting non-standard cargo safely and efficiently can be a nightmare, especially when items are large, awkward, an odd shape or difficult to transport. 

    When a standard container can’t cope, a collapsible flat rack container may just be a workable solution.
  • Construction: Perfect for transferring bulk construction materials, vehicles, plant and equipment or giant tanks to or from site.
  • Industrial: Ideal for relocating oversized cables, drums, metal sheets, conveyor belts or steel coils.
  • Agricultural: When you need to get farm machinery, large equipment or even prefabricated buildings to or from the farm gate.  

For these scenarios and more, hiring a Rentco 40ft flat rack container is an innovative solution for the task at hand.  

Why choose Rentco?  

Rentco has built our business reputation on customer service. We pride ourselves on operating a fleet of modern hire vehicles and equipment with bases in all mainland capital cities. 

So, whether you only want to hire a flat rack container as a one off, or need access to a stock of them on a regular basis, we’ll have  you covered. Plus, if you also need a truck to move it, we can take care of that too. 

We’re market leaders but we value our customers and are committed to offering the best value for money and very competitive rates.  Plus, you enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 national breakdown support service.

At Rentco, we offer good old fashioned, local service with all the benefits and outreach of a national network.  Get in touch today to find out more!