Yard Truck Rental

A yard truck is a type of semi-tractor used to transport trailers

One of the most useful pieces of kit you can lay your hands on in a commercial freight yard, a yard truck (also known as a terminal tractor) is a vehicle designed for moving trailers in or around your premises safely and efficiently.

Its nifty design accommodates a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, which allows the operator to move trailers around without exiting the cab or cranking the landing gear.

Once a trailer is in-situ, it can be lowered back to the ground and the fifth wheel uncoupled, all from the safety and comfort of the cab; a great benefit in the heat of an Australian summer or the winter wet. Our Yard Truck rentals can move up to three units, in the same amount of time that a standard tractor would move one unit. Now that’s efficient!

Where are yard trucks used?

Yard trucks are perfect for moving and spotting trailers and containers around commercial freight terminals, port facilities, and warehouses. They operate best on well maintained asphalt/concrete or gravel surfaced yards, terminals or docks. In situations where you need to move a trailer across a large site such as mine sites, freight terminals or on the wharf, hiring a yard truck can resolve many logistical headaches.

Yard trucks at a glance

The key features and advantages of a yard truck include:

– Yard trucks have a 2.95 metre wheelbase, making it smaller and more manoeuvrable
– Its 160-220 hp engine is very fuel efficient compared with a road tractor
– The truck’s hydraulic fifth wheel saves time – no need for cranking trailer dolly wheels
– Yard trucks use automatic transmissions, making them easy to drive with less maintenance
– Efficiency, hook, spotting, and unhook procedures are up to 3 times faster than a regular road tractor

Boost productivity and your bottom line with a Rentco yard truck

With faster hook-up and release, and a tighter turning radius than a regular cab, a Rentco Yard Truck increases productivity at warehousing, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, freight yards, cross docks, construction sites, ports, rail operations, and more.

Whatever your situation, we’re confident we’ll have the right truck hire for the job. To enquire about our yard trucks for hire, get in touch with your nearest Rentco depot.