Tautliner Hire

A Rentco curtainsider truck

Tautliner trucks and trailers are highly valued by clients with diverse payloads to transport or deliver.

Our Tautliners for hire provide the flexibility necessary to accommodate a variety of cargos. These curtain sided semi-trailers are available either in single trailer, lead and tag, B-Double or road train configurations.

The versatility doesn’t stop there – loading and unloading couldn’t be easier! Drivers and warehouse personnel can access payloads with a forklift either through the rigid rear door or from both of its curtain sides, and some models come with a one-tonne tail lift.

Built tough so they don’t let you down

Designed with structural integrity in mind, Tautliner trailers have aluminium support posts at the front and rear with roof rails for extra strength. The base is reinforced for strength and ease of access. The side curtains are made of PVC coated polyester fabrics, designed to be lightweight and durable.

Load restrain curtains are also available, and the trucks can be configured in flat top or drop-deck, with or without a mezzanine floor, and a variety of other combinations.

Transport options that work

Rentco has your Tautliner hire needs covered. We’ve built our reputation as a preferred partner to industry because of our fleet of modern, high quality commercial rental vehicles.

We strive to offer our customers the most effective solution to all of their transport challenges. So, whether you need to hire Tautliner as a one off, or on a regular basis, we’ve got you covered.

Depending on your needs, you can rent a single trailer, lead and tag B-Double or road train.

Partner with Rentco for your next transport job

Renting transport equipment could work out better for your business needs and budget. With the availability of short or longer-term rental agreements, and the vast selection of equipment that is available from the numerous suppliers, there is sure to be something in our fleet to fill the gap in yours.

To enquire about our Tautliner trucks for hire, get in touch with your nearest Rentco depot.