Swing Lifter Hire

If you are looking for swing lifter hire, you have come to the right place! At Rentco, we have a range of side loader trucks and swing lifters, from two of the leading manufacturers, Hammar and Steelbro. 

These innovative designs are made with speed and safety in mind, as you can load and unload from either side, rather than the front or back of the vehicle. With stability and ease, containers can be placed onto the ground even when space is limited. 

We have swing lifters available to rent now, and the application process is simple and streamlined.

In addition to swing lifters, we have a full range of heavy vehicles and machinery available for hire including trucks, commercial trailers, dollies, and skels. Our equipment is available to rent across Australia, contact us today to learn more! 

Swing Lifters For Short Or Long Term Hire

When you choose Rentco as your transport equipment hire company, you will benefit from our flexibility and well maintained, modern fleet. You can rent a swing lifter for short term or long term use, to meet the unique demands of your business. 

Our swing lifters make the job simple, with minimal staff required to safely unload cargo. If you are unsure which solution is right for you, the friendly team at your local Rentco office will be able to provide expert advice. Hiring from us gives you the opportunity to try a swing lifter and determine whether or not it is a viable investment for your business.

As a nationwide company, we have depots located in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, and Townsville. We can often supply swing lifters and other heavy machinery and equipment at short notice.

Hammar And Steelbro Swing Lifter Rentals

At Rentco we have chosen to focus on Hammar and Steelbro swing lifters due to their exceptional quality, reliability, and ease of use. Rest assured, we have a solution available for just about any application. Swing lifters come in different sizes and styles, but every model we stock meets the same high safety standards.

Hammar is a brand that prides itself on safety and efficiency, and has been in operation since 1995. This company is dedicated to servicing the Australian market, and their  swing loaders come with a patented stabilizer leg. 

This leg can be extended as required, and can comfortably reach the other side of the vehicle. These swing lifters are compatible with rail and chassis wagons, and suitable for a large range of cargo types.

Steelbro is more than just a cool name, because their side loaders stand out in the crowd. The aim of the brand is to make processes quicker, simpler, and more cost effective. Their swing lifters are enhanced and you will quickly notice the difference. At Rentco, we have chosen to add these to our range of commercial rental equipment options due to their strength, flexibility, and safety features. 

These side lifters work well with semi trailers and articulated trucks, and even fragile cargo can be accommodated. Precision location technology lets you unload containers half a metre from the side of the truck, in perfect alignment with your vehicle. With this consistency, you can plan your drop offs while maintaining maximum productivity. This is particularly useful when there are multiple trucks entering the worksite.

Whether it is a Hammar or a Steelbro swing lifter, Rentco has it in stock!

Providing You With 24/7 Support

At Rentco our equipment and machinery is maintained, modern, and insured. However, if there is an issue we are there for you, 24 hours a day. No matter where you are located in Australia, there is support available. 

For those running a business, when you hire from us you will benefit from a service that is 100% tax deductible. Hiring instead of buying makes smart financial sense! We have over 1,600 vehicles in our fleet including swing lifters, trucks, light vehicles, and trailers. 

Get In Touch With Rentco

When you hire your swing lifter from us, you can expect excellent customer service, high quality solutions, and a safety focused approach. We offer value for money with practical solutions that won’t let you down. 

If you would like to learn more about our swing lifters, side loaders, or any other vehicles in our range, please contact us today. Our experienced team is waiting to take your call, and we look forward to helping you find the best tools for your project. 
You can call our head office on 08 9353 9999, or you can search for the closest office to you.