Skel Trailers

At Rentco we have a fleet of commercial trailers, flat rack containers, and skels available for hire. “Skel” is an Aussie term for skeletal semi-trailers or semiskel trailers. Skels are built to be lightweight, high capacity solutions that are suitable for transporting containers.

Skels are widely used as they are versatile, stable, and easy to manoeuvre. There is a range of sizes available and loading and unloading is a breeze.

Looking for a classic skeletal trailer that can meet the demands of hauling containers? Rentco has quality skels available for both short and long term hire. Our skels are regularly maintained and packed with modern features! Contact us today for more information! 

High Quality Skel Trailers From Leading Manufacturers

Not all skels are created equally and at Rentco we only stock premium trailers that are designed to make transportation simpler. Businesses can make use of skels from leading brands including HAMMAR and Steelbro, without the financial commitment of ownership. 

Due to the nature of skeletal trailers, they do need regular maintenance and checks, but Rentco is experienced and ensure our rental trailers are always safe and reliable. Hiring is a cost-effective option, and we can give your business the vehicles you need for growth and success. 

The skels in our fleet are flexible, and there is a focus on high performance and adaptability to suit a variety of logistical conditions. Transport goods anywhere in Australia, with a skel from Rentco!

Innovative Features for Stress-Free Transport

In our range, you will find straddle carrier skel trailers that are compatible with road trains and B-doubles. This gives drivers an advantage, as loading and unloading will be an efficient process, without fear of harsh wharf conditions. 

These retractable skeletal trailers come with an A and B section, with an A Rollback. They have their own power pack for convenient tipping, and a flat top drop deck designed to securely deliver irregular loads. No matter how the goods are carried, the axle won’t exceed legal weight limits.

24/7 Nationwide Service

Rentco is trusted nationwide as a specialist in transport and equipment rentals. Safety, value, and quality are what make us stand out, and our large fleet ensures we always have stock available when you need it.

We have offices located in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, and Townsville, with 24/7 support available no matter where you are in Australia. Whether you need a skel, truck, commercial trailer, swing lifter, or light vehicle, we are here to help. With expert advice and friendly service, Rentco is the place to go for all your transport rental requirements. 

Get in Touch for Your Skel and Trailer Hire Needs

Skeletal trailers are a popular option, and it is their versatility and adaptability that makes them a practical choice. If you are unsure whether a skel is the right trailer for the job, our dedicated team will be able to assess the task at hand.

If you would like to learn more about our rental services or book a skel trailer, please contact us today.