Commercial Trailer Hire

If you need a commercial trailer to get the job done, Rentco can supply you with the right vehicle to suit your requirements. Our range of commercial trailers includes truck trailers, extendable trailers, tippers, tautliners, drop decks, low loaders, and flatbed trailers. 

To complement our commercial trailers, we have a large fleet of trucks, light vehicles, and other heavy machinery available for hire. When you choose our company, you get the benefit of localised customer service, with the option to access support nationwide, 24 hours a day. Rentco partners with businesses to ensure they always have reliable transportation, with an easy hiring process.

Are you looking for commercial trailer hire in Australia? Renting your equipment could help you grow your business. Plus, our service is tax deductible! Contact us today to learn more.

Short and Long Term Hire

When you only need commercial trailers on a temporary basis, renting can be a viable option. Rentco can provide insured, maintained vehicles for both short and long term hire. Whether it is a tautliner for a day, or a truck trailer for a month, our flexible plans and streamlined rental agreements make meeting your transportation demands easier.

High quality, reliable, modern vehicles, trailers, and machinery are our specialty. When you utilise our services you will gain access to the latest equipment, without having to invest in your own fleet. This gives you the freedom to spend money in other areas, and test new services without a large financial outlay.

The Right Trailer for the Job

When you choose Rentco for your commercial trailers you will be able to hire the right trailer for the job. If you have a license and sufficient training for the vehicle, renting from us is a simple process.

We have a growing number of vehicles, and the list of commercial trailers includes:

Truck Trailers

The truck trailers from Rentco are a versatile option. With a 2-axle drawbar, these commercial trailers can accommodate a 20’ container. Our truck trailers have additional safety features and can give you the space you need for larger jobs.

Extendable Flatbed Semi-Trailers

At Rentco, we understand loads can vary significantly. This is why we offer our customers rental on extendable flatbed semi-trailers. These are ideal for longer shipments where extra length is needed. If you prefer, we have traditional flatbed trailers available.

End Tipper and Side Tipper Trailers

Delivering materials in bulk is simple with our end tipper and side tipper trailers. Our vehicles meet strict regulations and we supply you with the appropriate signage, tarpaulins, and toolboxes. Choose between an electric or pneumatic motor, or a hydraulic line.

Tautliner Trailers

Our high quality tautliner trailers come with strong, yet lightweight curtain sides to protect your goods during transportation. At Rentco we have a number of options including single trailers, lead and tag, B-Double, and road train variants. 

Drop Deck Trailers

At Rentco we have drop deck trailers in different configurations and sizes. These trailers are compatible with road trains and have multiple uses. With a flexible deck, the drop deck range can be used for general transport, machinery, building materials, and agricultural goods.

Low Loader Trailers

Our low loader trailers are a convenient way to transport freight with irregular sizing. The low loaders from Rentco are sturdy and come with a rear beavertail. We can provide you with compatible side deck extensions and ramps.

A Focus on Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, efficiency and organisation. Every truck, light vehicle, commercial trailer, and piece of machinery is maintained and cleaned by our in house team. Safety and reliability are our top priorities, and when you choose Rentco you will experience the difference. Due to our extensive range and nationwide approach, we are able to offer our customers competitive, transparent pricing.

Our knowledgeable staff will be able to give you advice on the best fit for your transportation needs. We can discuss our range of commercial trailers and offer a solution based on the type, and size of the freight that needs to be relocated.

If you would like to learn more about hiring commercial trailers or other specialty vehicles, please contact us today. With a large fleet of modern, well maintained vehicles, you can trust the team at Rentco to support your transportation goals. We are based in Perth WA, and you can call our head office on 08 9353 9999. For those located in other cities, we have staff members in each state who can assist with local enquiries. Or get in touch here.