25 Seater Bus Hire

When your workforce is needed onsite, and many kilometres from the nearest town or site accommodation, you need a reliable transport option. This is when partnering with a reliable transport company which has local support and national outreach makes good sense.

Rentco for the resources sector

When you’re operating in a tough environment, all onsite vehicles have to be equally tough and able to meet specific site requirements. Rentco has a 25 seater bus rental option which can move larger groups of people to and from or around site, safely and in comfort.
If your workforce operates in difficult, or extreme weather conditions, you have a duty of care to make sure they’re travelling safely when they set off or return from a shift. Our 25 seater hire bus is a practical solution for getting your crew safely to where they need to be, on or off site.

At Rentco, the safety and comfort of your workforce is a priority. While our 25 seat hire bus can accommodate 24 people plus the driver, we suggest a maximum of 21- 23 passengers for ultimate comfort. This rental bus comes equipped to operate onsite. It has canvas seat covers, seat belts, air-conditioning, a UHF radio so that the driver can keep in contact with other vehicles or central control. A first aid kit is on-board, and there is room for tool box storage. If you’re carrying a lot of kit, there is a tow bar for a utility trailer.

These 25 seat rental buses are equipped with call sign decals and mine spec high-vis fluoro stripping for maximum visibility even in overcast or dusty conditions. They also have mine spec lights and a reversing squawker for the safety of onsite personnel.

Rentco for the construction industry

With more construction than ever in inner city locations, getting your workforce to a busy metro area with limited parking available also poses logistical headaches. This is why bringing workers to site from a central collection point delivers makes good sense:

- Up to 24 staff plus the driver, transferred by one vehicle, means less fuel consumption. It’s cost effective and better for the environment
- Central mustering point ensures your workforce is accounted for and arrive on-time
- Employers have the comfort of knowing that their workers are on-site where and when they need to be
- WSH – you know who’s onsite and can contact them if there’s an emergency
- If someone is absent you can reschedule work or pull in temporary staff
- Transport time can be used to brief employees on site, safety or work issues

Rentco vehicle hire solutions

With Rentco, local accessibility with the bonus of 24/7 national breakdown support service at no extra cost. Our modern fleet of well-maintained 25 seater rental bus are available for long or short them hire from our outlets in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin. Contact us today about your transport needs.