Why our skel trailer rentals are a must-have for logistics companies

Skel trailer
Flat Skel

Flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness: these are the prized qualities that freight and logistics companies look for when shopping around for transport equipment rentals. They also happen to be all of the same benefits that skel trailers (or ‘skeleton trailers’) can offer you!

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce costs or get the job done with a smaller labour force than is usually available at your disposal, here’s a quick guide to our skel trailers for hire and how adding them to your fleet could improve your bottom line.

What are skel trailers?

A skel trailer is a type of semi-trailer that is typically used for moving shipping containers. Named for its skeleton-like structure, these trailers have a lightweight yet durable design that is capable of hauling heavy loads.

  • Some of the handy features you’ll find with our skel trailers include:
  • Container twist locks.
  • Trailer tipping kit with a powerbank.
  • Retractable and rollback configurations.

Our skels can be combined with a ​​roadtrain or b-double truck for almost any heavy haulage job. If you’d like more information on the exact specifications of our skels, our team would be happy to assist you.

Benefits of skel trailers

Skels are tough, versatile, and easy-to-use equipment that can simplify your shipping operation in more ways than one:

Ship more, for less

The low tare weight and high payload of skel trailers allows you to move more freight while consuming less fuel, which also means reduced emissions and lower operating costs.

Hire one trailer for multiple jobs

Looking for strategies to maximise fleet utilisation? Your skel won’t be sitting idle for too long between jobs. A skel can be easily configured to carry multiple sizes and types of containers, which means you can transport a mixed load in one trip.

You won’t need to worry about the cost of warehousing your skels when they’re not in use, either – that is, if you’re renting them from Rentco.

When freight demand slows, you can simply return them after your agreed lease period with us. Learn more about our transport equipment hire services.

Easy loading and unloading

Skels are incredibly safe to use with a minimum of fuss or risk to the driver. You can load containers onto the skel from the top, side, or rear using the hydraulic tipping kit, before locking them in place with the trailer’s twist locks.

Licensed to transport dangerous goods

Have we told you yet that you can use a skel for almost any job? If you need to transport bulk amounts of dangerous or hazardous goods, you can hire a Rentco skel trailer to get it done.

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