Why long-term truck hire is a huge benefit for construction companies

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Trucks are the backbone of the construction industry, performing a range of different roles. From prime movers to side loaders, tippers and mini tippers to transport your materials, they ensure that your project runs smoothly.

And in the construction industry, your projects work to specific timelines.

But they don’t always go to plan. So you need trucks and equipment that you can use for the entire duration of your project, regardless of any timeline hiccups.

So rather than hiring trucks for short stints, or seeking to purchase them yourself, long-term truck hire can help your construction projects immensely.

Rentco provides flexible long-term truck hire to ensure you can complete your projects to your specific timelines—whether they’re rigid or not.

Here are some big benefits to consider when looking to hire a truck for your next construction project.

Save money with a more flexible truck hire option

When you hire a truck for the long term you get access to a reduced rate, when compared to a short-term hire. This reduces your costs significantly.

And you’re not only getting a cheaper rate overall—it’s much, much cheaper than purchasing your own truck outright. Purchasing your own truck requires insurances, registration, servicing, training, and all types of upkeep.

When you rent a truck for your project, all of this is included in the fee. All the maintenance and care is handled for you too, and your truck rental team is on call to support in a breakdown situation, all at the price of a rental.

Long term truck rental also provides a more flexible service. You engage the truck for the time period you need, but with the caveat that you can return it ahead of time. You’re not locked into a short truck rental period, and you don’t have to keep re-hiring it. You essentially only pay for what you use, at a better rental rate.

Get access to newer, better truck rentals

Purchasing a truck means that you’re locked into using that specific vehicle. And unless a new truck is in your budget, you’re likely to be looking at an older model. While still doing the job, it may be missing some key features, or have underlying issues that will become apparent somewhere down the line.

When you hire a truck, you get a truck from your rental company’s fleet—and when it comes to trucks for your construction project, newer is definitely better.

Long-term truck hire allows you to access the latest models for a better price, rather than going through the buying process yourself. At Rentco we make sure to regularly upgrade our vehicles, when the time is right. We purchase the latest Volvo trucks, famous for their reliability and durability, so you’re guaranteed to be driving a stronger, smoother, and more efficient vehicle.

No need to deal with reselling your truck—just return it to your truck hire partner

When you purchase a truck, it starts depreciating the moment it leaves the dealer. It continues losing value steadily over time, meaning you can’t recoup the costs of what you paid for it.

And given the hardworking nature of construction trucks, it can also be difficult to find a buyer who’s willing to pay good money for a used one. After all, it’s going to be going through some heavy paces, so while it may (arguably) look okay on the outside, its internals are going to have taken a comparable beating.

Long-term truck hire for your construction project means that you’re not faced with the depreciation of an ageing asset. You’re not faced with an asset that continues costing you money, that you have to regularly refuel and maintain, and that you may not need at every step of your construction project.

Instead, you take control of a truck that’s regularly serviced and maintained. And when you’re finished with it, you can simply return it.

Long-term truck hire is win-win for your projects

When compared to purchasing a vehicle for your site, or looking into short-term rentals for specific tasks, the benefits of a Rentco long-term truck hire are clear.

You get to acquire a newer-model truck for the duration of your project, or as long as you need it, at an affordable price.

You save time and money on purchasing and upkeep, too, as this is all taken care of by our specialist team. And, when your project ends, you’re not left with an asset sitting around collecting dust (and costing you money).

When looking into long-term truck hire for your construction project, it’s important to choose the right truck for your needs.

At Rentco, we can help you identify the truck or trucks that are going to best support your projects. Get in touch with us to browse our range of trucks available, and discuss how long-term truck hire will support your next construction project.