Why Heavy Transport Equipment Needs To Meet High Performance Standards

A heavy duty transport vehicle

Every day, there are thousands of trucks and trailers that travel Australian roads. Heavy duty transport vehicles are intensive and have the capacity to be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians if not in adherence with strict standards. 

As the largest provider of transport equipment rentals in Australia, Rentco considers performance and safety our highest priorities. We have invested heavily in vehicle performance by implementing innovative vehicle design.

How Rentco is driving improved performance

Rentco has invested in the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) to ensure that all of our heavy equipment meets high productivity standards and implements innovative design.

The PBS Vehicle standards ensure that heavy duty transport meets stability, safety and sustainability standards to support overall better performance and productivity.

Compared to the conventional fleet, PBS trucks have found a 60% improvement in safety outcomes, with significantly less crashes as a result. 

Performance is key to the transport equipment sector, and it’s central to the way we do business. We want to know with absolute confidence that our vehicles are safe and efficient for our clients.

Technological innovation is key

The logistics industry needs real-time data from vehicles to ensure that these heavy-duty trucks are as productive, efficient and safe as possible. Not only are Rentco’s trucks reliable and safe, you’ll also have access to this integrated tracking system to inform company leaders in decision making.

This allows companies to track truck and trailer locations, routes taken, distances travelled and service alerts, all from a computer.

In addition to comprehensive tracking, our transport equipment meets high technological standards for optimised productivity. Our swing lifters incorporate precision location technology to allow you to unload containers half a metre from the side of the truck.

You can access a high-tech fleet without unrealistic costs

You shouldn’t need to have a large capacity and high budget to grow as a business. We know that a smarter fleet is an investment that can massively increase productivity and will lead to growth. So, we wanted to make it accessible.

Investing in a smart fleet yourself can be an intensive and expensive exercise that is, for many companies, simply not possible. By using a transport equipment rental company, you can access the benefits of a high-technology fleet without having to purchase it yourself.

With heavy transport equipment rental, you have access to a flexible fleet and can change your vehicle choice as you please. This means that, if you have increased capabilities, Rentco can help to meet demand without the commitment of purchasing a heavy vehicle.

We deliver solutions specific to our clients and can accommodate a variety of technological needs. With a team that has a wealth of experience within the transport and rentals industries, Rentco is client-first.

High performance fleets mean lower costs

By implementing heavy duty trucks that are performance-focused, you can have visibility over your fleet, enhance your productivity, and as a result decrease overall costs.

The investment in a high performance fleet can revolutionise your business growth.

If you’re looking to hire one of our heavy duty trucks, you can find your nearest Rentco depot through our website and give us a call.