What is a yard truck used for?

A yard truck is a type of semi-tractor used to transport trailers

Yard trucks, or terminal tractors as they are sometimes called, are a type of semi-tractor that are used to move trailers around warehouses, ports, and freight terminals.

If your business is expanding and is being overwhelmed by the amount of products and trailers you need to move around each day, then a yard truck is a smart investment that can save you money while boosting productivity and safety for your workers.

Here are some of the key reasons why a yard truck is beneficial for your business:

1. They move cargo quicker.

Compared to a standard tractor, a yard truck can move up to three more trailers per shift. This is thanks to its specially-designed parts, which reduces the time spent on hook, spotting, and unhook procedures.

For example, the hydraulic lifting fifth wheel on yard trucks allows operators to lift and lower trailers without having to even exit the cab or crank the landing gear. More efficiency = more productivity and profits for your business!

The 160-220 hp engine is also more fuel efficient than a road tractor, so you can save even more on transport costs.

2. They are safer to operate.

Workplace accidents and injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence in many worksites, and OHS training can only do so much when workers are under the pump while using inferior or inappropriate transport equipment for a job.

Drivers who use a standard tractor to move trailers have to frequently jump in and out of the cab and crank landing dollies, which can lead to arm, shoulder, and leg injuries.

When you’re racing against the clock to hit a certain quota, these risks are heightened even more; and workplace compensation claims and understaffed teams can be crippling to your business.

With a yard truck, however, a lot of this extra manual handling is eliminated thanks to the hydraulic fifth wheel.

They also provide better visibility for drivers, and have a 2.95 metre wheelbase which makes it smaller and easier to manoeuvre around tight corners and change direction more quickly.

3. They are lower maintenance than other trucks.

Yard trucks are made for use in harsher environments, so they won’t experience as much wear and tear as a standard truck. Given that they use automatic transmissions, they are also easier to drive and require less maintenance than manual vehicles.

When you choose to rent a yard truck with Rentco, you won’t need to worry about the costs of upkeep – we’ll take care of all the maintenance and repairs for you, as part of your lease contract with us.

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