What types of freight can you move with our prime movers for hire?

Rentco has a fleet of Volvo prime movers for hire around Australia

Does your business need more freight transportation capacity to meet growing demand?

Rentco’s prime movers for hire are a fast and effective option to scale up your operations, without having to commit to purchasing new transport equipment (or waiting weeks for it to arrive).

Our prime movers can also be hired alongside one of our trailer rentals, which come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable supplier for your transport equipment needs, here is an overview of the different types of prime movers available for hire from Rentco and the most common uses for each.

Roadtrain-compatible prime movers

Need to haul a particularly heavy or large quantity of goods over long distances?

Our 130-tonne rated prime movers are a popular choice for our customers in the earth moving, mining, and agricultural industries, and are ideal for transporting the following types of freight:

  • Bulky machinery. Hooked up to one of our low loader trailers, your staff will be able to easily and safely transport any machinery used on a farm, mine, or construction site.
  • Livestock, feed, and other agricultural products. You can connect our prime movers to a drop-deck trailer, which can accommodate larger volumes of caged, palleted, or loose freight.
  • Odd-shaped or long loads. If you’re transporting timber, steel pipes, wind turbine blades, or other incredibly long or wide items, you can hire one of our extendable trailers to get the job done.

Mine-spec prime movers

If you are a mining company that has specific vehicle safety and equipment requirements, you can rest assured that our mine-spec prime movers are compliant and ready to commence work.

We have a selection of Volvo prime movers with engines that range from 300 to 600 HP, as well as Kenworth and Western Star brand equipment for jobs that require heavy haulage.

All of our prime movers have in-built location and asset-tracking technologies, so that you are always aware of where your team and equipment are.

Plus, we can arrange for other mine-spec vehicles and equipment to be hired out for short, medium, or long-term projects.

Rentco makes truck hire and maintenance easy for you

With our nation-wide network of depots and reputation for quality, Rentco is your go-to partner for any transport equipment rentals you need for your business.

We are available to discuss and organise your equipment needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are here to provide emergency support if you experience a breakdown on the road.

After every transport job is complete, our technicians take special care to perform rigorous inspections and maintenance of our returned equipment, so you can be confident you are getting a vehicle that is safe to use and performing at its best.

To enquire about our prime mover rentals, or for more information on each vehicle’s specifications and configuration options, please get in touch with your nearest Rentco depot here.