Want To Cut Your Carbon Emissions? Check When Your Trucks Were Made

A semi-trailer trucks drives along a country road.

Australia’s transport industry is overdue for a sustainability revolution. As the third largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions (contributing 17.5% of Australia’s annual emissions), we are still far behind other countries in adopting greener and more efficient transport equipment and technologies.

According to a report from the Truck Industry Council, almost 42% of Australia’s truck fleet above 4.5t GVM was manufactured before 2003, when basic or no exhaust emission regulation existed.

Fix it up, keep it going

This can be partly explained by a widespread culture of “Fix it up, Keep it going” – but times are changing.

As more Australian companies set ambitious sustainability targets in light of new environmental regulations, fleet owners can’t afford to drag their feet when it comes to investing in more efficient, low-emission trucks.

At Rentco, we are committed to reducing our impact as an industry and for customers who hire our equipment, which is why we apply a sustainability mindset to all aspects of our business. 

The Rentco guarantee

As a company, we have long maintained compliance with the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Scheme: an industry scheme that sets a higher standard for the types of vehicles we use.

All of our trucks, prime movers, and light vehicles are designed to perform as productively, safely and sustainably as possible, with the aim of minimising the impact our operations have on the environment.

Besides our continued investment in top-of-the-range transport equipment for hire, here’s just a few examples of other changes we are making to go green:

1. Our modern fleet of Volvo FH series trucks are all fitted with carbon neutralisers.

Carbon neutralisers reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are released into the air.

Also known as the Volvo Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, this consists of an Ad Blue tank which is positioned next to the standard diesel tank found in many Volvo trucks.

Rentco has a state-of-the-art fleet of Volvo trucks.

2. Our Perth workshop reuses all of our water from our purpose-built wash bay.

The workshop will soon be powered by solar panels, too.

The Rentco workshop.

3. . Our maintenance staff are expertly trained to ensure all equipment is in perfect working order.

Before a piece of equipment is handed over to the next customer, our staff will perform any repairs or maintenance required so that it performs at its peak and isn’t expending more energy than usual or leaking toxic emissions due to faulty parts.

Adopting more sustainable technology and practices is more than just a means of achieving compliance. It’s a great way for your company to build greater goodwill with customers, while doing your bit to reduce our footprint as an industry.

Want to learn more about our sustainability policies or explore more transport equipment for hire? Give us a call or find your nearest Rentco depot details through our website.