Green choices, brighter future: The transport equipment industry as a use case for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging sign

When compared to the rest of the world, Australia is behind in the uptake of electric vehicles (EV) – particularly in the logistics and heavy industries. But when we take a closer look, these are exactly the industries that can benefit from employing EV solutions in their operations.

At Rentco, we’re proud to announce the arrival of our first four Terberg YT200EV fully-electric terminal tractors—with eight more arriving later in the year—which marks a significant step towards a greener and carbon-neutral fleet.

And electric yard truck rentals are just the beginning.

Supporting sustainable transport equipment hire

We’re making the responsible choice to move towards supplying carbon-neutral vehicles and transport equipment hire. After all, reducing carbon emissions helps everyone.

With our new electric yard trucks, for example, the performance of the new Terberg YT200-EV electric motor delivers the same output as a standard diesel engine, but with the added benefit of no CO2 emissions. They help to minimise air pollution, while over the long term working towards mitigating the environmental impact delivered by the transport industry.

Reducing costs while improving efficiencies

From a pure numbers point of view, making the move to renting electric vehicles is an investment. When compared to traditional transport equipment hire, the switch to electric helps to lower your operating costs over time.

For example, our new range of electric yard trucks operate exactly the same as traditional vehicles, delivering the same output, but with a number of added benefits. You eliminate ongoing fuel consumption per machine, while reducing ongoing engine maintenance—the difference in the number of moving parts in a traditional combustion engine when compared to an EV motor is monumental.

There’s less preventative maintenance required, which helps to improve uptime on site. And unlike regular vehicles, they don’t require refuelling; they can simply be recharged while your operators are taking their break.

This all works together to improve cost efficiencies, allowing you to invest that money into further EV capability.

The immediate benefits of switching to electric vehicles

Our aim is to set an example for the industry, encouraging others to follow suit and embrace an EV fleet as a sustainable and efficient choice. It’s already happening, as our investment in electric yard trucks has gained significant interest from our transport partners.

And while it might seem small, there are some key reasons that we chose yard trucks as our first foray into EVs.

  • Terminal tractors spend the majority of their time on small trips around freight yards and warehouses, meaning they receive less wear and tear than bigger pieces of machinery, and larger trucks out there on the road.
  • They remain on-site at all times, so recharging and maintenance is much quicker and easier, as they’re never far away from a charging station.
  • For a more immediate practical benefit, our new electric terminal tractors operate with a lower noise level, and work indoors with zero emissions. This helps to reduce harsh smells and heat within these closed spaces, creating a cleaner, safer environment for your people on the ground.
  • They’re safer for your drivers’ wellbeing, too. Electric engines make far less noise, making it easier for operators to hear their surroundings and stay alert. They deliver a smoother ride as well, creating a more comfortable environment for your operators.

Leading the way in electric yard truck rental

With these 12 new electric terminal tractors, Rentco is proud to lead the way with a convenient and reliable option for fleet managers looking to integrate electric vehicles into their operations.

We can support you in ensuring a seamless transition to incorporating EVs into your fleet, without the burden of upfront investments or long-term commitment.

Get in touch with your nearest Rentco depot today, to browse our electric terminal tractor range, and see how EV rental options can help your business to thrive.