The top five industries that can benefit from yard truck rental

Terminal tractors are designed for ports and terminals, warehouse and distribution, industrial and intermodal applications.

We consider the humble yard truck to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have in your commercial freight yard or worksite.

Also known as a ‘terminal tractor’, they’re specially designed for moving trailers or cargo containers in and around your premises faster and more efficiently than a regular truck or tractor ever could. They do this through the help of a clever hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, which enables your operators to move and lower trailers and containers without needing to leave the cab.

But it’s not just warehouses and freight terminals that can benefit. Here are five industries where yard truck hire can make your job easier.


Businesses in the logistics industry shift high volumes of goods, day in and day out, which is why yard trucks should be a key part of your fleet.

They’re smaller than a regular road truck, with a smaller wheelbase, which allows them to quickly and easily manoeuver around your tight warehouse or terminal conditions, with more effective container handling.

Their unique design helps your drivers to work much more efficiently. As well as the hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, rear-access doors and a catwalk down the back of the truck means operators can smoothly move from their cab to the trailer, rather than leaving the vehicle and walking all the way around the back. This helps to save valuable minutes every shift—leading to much larger time savings over the day, week, and month.


Farms and agricultural businesses need reliable and versatile transport solutions to get their produce from A to B safely and securely, so terminal tractors fit right in within the industry.

With better handling than a regular tractor, it’s a more agile, safer way to transport trailers and containers of produce, and more efficiently move equipment around farms or large properties. Their faster hook-up and release functions help to enhance productivity by minimising manual labour on the operator’s part.

There are some big benefits to choosing Rentco yard truck rental over purchasing a new machine, too. It’s a more flexible option, allowing you to save space on site when they’re not in use. And you don’t have to commit to the purchase, maintenance, and management of your yard truck, which saves you money in the off-season.


With their improved agility and smaller frame, a yard truck fleet helps your teams to navigate the challenging terrain and confined spaces typically found within mine sites.

Utilising a terminal tractor rental option ensures you’ll have the capability to deliver essential materials and equipment wherever they need to get to on site, without having to rely on traditional transport trucks. This improves efficiency, saving valuable time and money.

It helps to improve safety, too. With a yard truck, there’s no need for your drivers to leave their machine. This delivers a safer working environment for your operators, reducing the chance of accidents or injuries.


Yard truck rental can be a valuable investment in the construction industry.

With their size and speed, they support your teams to quickly and easily transport heavy equipment and construction materials around your sites, helping your projects stay on track. And the 360-degree views from the cab deliver greater visibility, meaning your operators can see what’s going on around them at all times, allowing for safer operation of their vehicle.


The manufacturing industry relies on the efficient flow of materials to meet production demands—which is exactly what yard trucks are made for.

Their engine is designed for driving short distances, with the ability to quickly zip around your warehouse space with far more agility and operability than larger machinery can. They’re built to deliver more robust handling and transport of goods, and their ease of use helps to streamline your internal logistics, while reducing congestion around your factories and warehouses.

Yard truck rental helps to create a more efficient business

When compared to using traditional trucks and tractors to move goods and equipment around your site, the benefits of a yard truck rental solution are clear.

At Rentco, we provide a fleet of yard trucks that you can engage to shift loads quickly and efficiently, minimising your overall costs, improving safety on site, and streamlining how your business operates.

Whether you need a short-term or long-term solution, you get peace of mind that the maintenance is handled for you, and no lock-in contracts mean you can access more flexible services.

Contact your nearest Rentco depot to discuss a yard truck solution for your business.