Tips For Packing Your Moving Truck

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Putting a little time and effort into scheduling and planning how to pack your moving truck pays dividends. These easy tips streamline the process and take the stress out of moving.

Ask the vehicle hire company what equipment they provide

Check if the company you hire your vehicle from provides a moving trolley, blankets, shoulder straps, tie-downs, and rope.

Make sure you have a good supply of high-quality packing materials.  You will need:

•       An assortment of packing boxes (with various sizes)

•       Bubble wrap or packing paper

•       Packing tape

•       A utility knife

•       Permanent markers for labelling the contents and ultimate destination

Plan for easy loading

Ask for the internal measurements of the truck. Measure any large items and white goods and draw up a plan for what will go where.

Identifying large or heavy items allows you to plan the loading order and placement. Plan to place heavy furniture to the sides of the truck to even out weight on the axle. Pack heaviest items on the floor with lighter boxes on top. Disassemble beds and furniture such as tables and bookshelves.

You may also want to consider putting fittings into snap-lock bags, which are labelled with what the contents are and where they will be put at the destination. Tape these to the item it belongs to if possible.

Alternatively, you can have a box for all fittings, leads, adaptors, Allen (or hex) keys, and assembly tools. A brightly coloured plastic crate is great for this.

Give yourself room to move

Clear a path from the house to the moving truck, get rid of any tripping hazards. If there are small children around, have someone look after them away from the action so they’re not getting under your feet.

Pets also often get lost during moving day, so you may also want to consider putting them into kennels for a day or so while you’re moving. It avoids the risk of losing them, and settling them into a calm home is easier.

Pick your team and follow the plan

Allocating jobs in advance can avoid confusion and disagreements.  Pre-plan the order items will be moved, have packing blankets to hand. You can use pillows, cushions, and rolled up rugs to pad out spaces and stabilise the load.

Pack the moving truck methodically, working from the front of the truck. Heavy items on the bottom, lighter boxes on the top. Pack everything as tight as possible to avoid the load shifting in transit. Tie down and secure items as you go.

Protect your back

It’s easy to injure yourself if you’re not used to lifting heavy or awkward items. Learn proper lifting techniques and invest in a light weight back brace. They are relatively inexpensive and much cheaper than a trip to the chiropractor or a week off work. They stabilise your lower back and encourage you to lift with your legs.

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