Three Key Features To Look For When Hiring A Flat Rack Container

A Rentco flat rack container for hire

As a freight company, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of goods is key to maintaining a reputation for quality and reliability in the eyes of your customers. 

Likewise, choosing the best transport equipment for the job is a must – when it comes to storing oversized or “difficult to handle” freight such as vehicles and medical equipment, a flat rack container is an ideal solution.

Here’s 3 key things you need to look out for when buying or hiring a flat rack container for your business.

1. Consider collapsible flat rack containers.

Easier to store and transport and much more economical with space, investing in collapsible flat racks is a smart choice for companies looking to make the most of limited space.

At Rentco, our 40ft flat rack containers have a high loading capacity and are specially designed to be stacked safely on top of each other.

2. Are there flexible purchasing or renting options?

If you don’t expect to be using flat rack containers on a frequent basis, you may prefer to source equipment from a company that offers you flexible purchasing and leasing options.

At Rentco, we offer both fixed and collapsible flat rack containers for short and long-term leases, which may work out to be the more affordable option for your business. Our hire includes more than just your base hire; it also involves a comprehensive servicing plan, 24/7 Australia-wide support, and the ability to seek advice from our experienced team at any point.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we solve our customers problems, whether short or long term, commercial or personal.

3. Look for quality and safety.

When you’re transporting tons of valuable freight, it’s worth investing in high-quality equipment that will keep it safe and secure from getting damaged or causing road accidents by shifting around the truck.

Cheaply constructed flat rack containers often mean poorer quality and may not be as secure to use.

Think about it: is it worth saving just a little bit extra while exposing your company to numerous legal, financial, and reputational risks if something goes wrong?

Before you buy or rent equipment, you should check that the company in question offers quality assurances and support with servicing and maintenance.

Flat rack containers can take loads of up to 4000kg, meaning you need to know that you’re hiring quality transport equipment that’s safe and reliable.

At Rentco, servicing and maintenance are standard inclusions when hiring a flat rack container, and we’re always looking to procure the latest and most high-quality equipment on the market for our customers. When you hire with us, you will be covered for insurance, maintenance, registration, storage, as well as general wear and tear.

Looking to hire a 40ft flat rack container?

As Australia’s leading transport equipment rentals company, Rentco has got you covered. 

To enquire about our range of flat rack containers for hire, get in touch with the Rentco team here or call our head office on 08 9353 9999.