Should I Hire A Truck Or Use Removalists When Moving House?

A man is taping up some moving boxes for the removalists to collect

You’ve got the keys to your new place, have spent hours shopping and dreaming up your new home’s look and layout, and you can’t wait to spend your first night in your new place.

Or perhaps you’re a business owner looking to make an office change and trying to determine the best way to move an excess of office supplies.

Whether it’s your first time moving or you’re thinking of taking the DIY route and moving yourself this time around, here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of choosing to hire a truck or call up the removalists. 

Pros and cons of hiring a removalist company

Pro: It’s more efficient and requires less time and effort from you.

Hiring a team of professionals who have the qualifications, equipment, know-how, and extra muscle will make your move quicker and hassle-free, particularly if it’s your first time moving or you don’t have friends or family nearby to help out. 

Con: They can be expensive.

Removalists charge a pretty penny for their services – and for good reason: they’re supplying you with qualified movers, equipment, and insurance to boot.

According to, the average cost of a local move (that is, in the same city) can range from $300 to $3,500 or $75 to $300 an hour.

Pro: Removalists are covered by insurance.

When you’ve got a third party who is protected by insurance to do all the heavy lifting for you, you won’t need to stress about banging up a truck or breaking and replacing furniture out of your own pocket. 

Con: They might break something valuable.

There’s nothing more painful or anxiety-inducing than watching someone else manhandle your precious belongings and unceremoniously dump them on your doorstep (to be fair, removalists are often on a pretty tight schedule!)

Even though all removalists are covered by insurance, it’s still quite upsetting and inconvenient if they break something.

Con: You have less control and flexibility over your move.

Besides the risks of something being broken by removalists who are rushing, removalists restrict the flexibility of your move. 

For instance, if circumstances change at the last minute and you need to delay or bring your move forward, it can be difficult trying to reschedule everything when you’re on the go. 

Whether you move into your home early before your furniture arrives or your belongings are left alone on your driveway for anyone to tamper with, neither outcome is ideal!

Pros and cons of truck hire

Pro: Hiring a small truck to move can be cheaper and easier.

If you know your way around a truck and have the time to pack and move everything yourself, hiring a small truck can work out to be a lot cheaper and easier for you.

Rentco’s small trucks can actually be driven with a regular car vehicle license, so you won’t need to worry about taking any truck driving lessons soon. 

Con: Moving yourself can be stressful and time consuming.

In addition to packing, loading, and unloading all your home’s belongings by yourself, organising the entire move can be stressful and exhausting to do, especially if you’re squeamish about driving a truck or lifting heavy objects around tight corners.

Pro: Peace of mind and flexibility when moving your belongings.

With the knowledge that your most precious and fragile belongings are in the safest hands (your own), you don’t need to worry about time-poor removalists rushing and accidentally breaking something when loading and unloading your things.

Additionally, you can move at your own pace and make multiple trips between your old and new place at no extra cost.

Con: You’re not covered by insurance.

If you or a friend accidentally breaks or damages your belongings when moving, unfortunately you’ll have to suck it up and absorb the cost yourself (not to mention how nerve-wracking this can be for your mate who’s just trying to help out!)

Which one takes the win?

Overall, hiring a truck will give you the most flexibility when moving furniture and is much more affordable and efficient than hiring a removalist, whether you’re looking to move houses or carting supplies between commercial buildings.

Regardless of which route you’re leaning towards, you should choose the one that is the safest and most convenient for you.

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