Advantages of short-term heavy truck rentals for seasonal businesses

Rentco has a state-of-the-art fleet of Volvo trucks.

If your business is seasonal, you understand the complications that come with requiring certain resources at certain times during the year.

Balancing that with finances can be complex, and investing in major resources that will only be serviced part of the year can be expensive. Heavy duty (HR, MR) trucks can be a huge expense, and the year-round maintenance as well as the upfront cost can be intensive.

For industries like agriculture, choosing a short-term rental can be an excellent option. It means having the transportation required without the unnecessary related exorbitant costs.

Here’s how a short-term rental truck could help your seasonal business.

It’s cost-effective

When it comes to purchasing trucks, there’s a few pitfalls, but one of the primary ones is cost. Large trucks can be very expensive to purchase, as well as costly to maintain.

Plus, especially if you’re a seasonal business, the capital required to purchase the truck and keep up with maintenance ongoing might be outside of your business’ financial ability.

Additionally, most trucks pay themselves off through long-term, consistent use. If the truck is only being used seasonally, then you often stand to lose more than you gain.

It allows for flexibility

When you rent transport equipment from Rentco, you’ll get access to flexibility. This can be vitally important for seasonal business owners.

Whether you need a truck for only part of the year, or whether you need to not be locked into one type of equipment, you’ll be able to change as you go.

You might look to rent a medium-rigid truck, and realise over time that you actually need a heavy-rigid truck, or vice-versa.

You may also have increased demand during certain periods, but need a consistent fleet throughout the year regardless. With truck hire, you can increase your fleet’s capacity during these peak periods, and reduce it when that high demand is no longer there.

The truck maintenance and repair is all handled for you

With truck hire, the financial burden of truck maintenance and repair is incorporated into the hire costs.

This takes out the stress of having to service, and maintain, trucks ongoing that your business may not even be currently using.

However, on top of that, there’s also the benefit of peace of mind. Rather than have to strictly follow and manage your truck’s maintenance, you’ll have it all handled for you.

In addition, if you choose Rentco for your truck hire, you’ll receive 24/7 access to our national breakdown service, so you never have to worry that you’ll be left with vehicle issues and no assistance.

Looking for short or long-term hire of heavy trucks? Talk to Rentco

Rentco offers short, medium and long-term truck hire, with flexible options and no hidden costs. Plus, if you’re using Rentco’s hire options for business purposes, a portion or all of your lease payments could be tax-deductible.

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