Route Planning: Getting From A To B Safely And Efficiently

A driver plans his route using a route planning app on a tablet

For anyone setting out on a long-haul trip, the objective is always to get there are back as safely and efficiently as possible. 

This is the essence of ‘route planning’, which is where you plan the most efficient route between your starting point and your destination, taking into account any stops along the way. 

Importantly, it allows you to plan for eventualities such as traffic conditions, road works, congestion, and prescribed stops and rest periods.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to plan your next trip’s route, maximise efficiency, and keep your driver and vehicle safe.

Consider the route

When planning a journey, the first consideration is the route itself. You must take into account the distance you can cover in one day, the road conditions, speed zones and stop locations. 

By mapping out the most direct route to each location, you can estimate travel time, plan stopping points and create a schedule which makes it easier to keep track of progress. 

It also allows your dispatcher to know where you are and how to contact you in the event that you fail to call in at a prescribed time.

Use technology

Onboard technology can alert the driver to known traffic hazards and hold ups. 

Being advised that there is a hold up ahead allows the driver to take a different route or schedule a rest break until the issue is resolved.

Ensure the device is updated regularly so that you always have access to the latest maps, and using onboard analytics allows you to monitor driving distance and track progress in real time. 

Feeding the analytics back to base allows them to track the vehicle and notify customers of any delays. They can also inform future planning as they allow you to compare the planned route against the distance travelled and actual time taken.

In an emergency situation, knowing the exact location of the vehicle is vital for service vehicles or emergency services.

Benefits for drivers

A driver who plans their route in advance can usually meet deadlines and or targets. Having a pre-set route is less stressful which is especially important when there are multiple drop offs or deliveries.

On a long-haul journey, detailed scheduling helps drivers to know when and where to take a break, perform safety checks and monitor fuel.

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