Protecting your drivers in extreme Australian heat: Make sure your fleet is ready for the summer

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It’s no secret that Australia’s summers can be sweltering. From truck readiness to being careful of other drivers, it’s important that your drivers – and your fleet – are ready to take the heat.

Here are just a few things you can do to make sure your drivers stay safe this summer.

Be aware of driver fatigue

And this isn’t just talking about your workers. There will be lots of people on the road heading off on holidays, and many of them won’t have the extensive driver’s training that your truck drivers have. Being extra cautious, even when you may not be at fault, may mean one less accident on Australian roads.

Also, you can’t go wrong with refreshing your drivers’ training. While many truck drivers are aware of the danger of their jobs, it can be easy to forget a break on a long drive or neglect a key safety measure.

Keep up the servicing – and choose vehicles you can trust

Even the most reliable of vehicles can fold under the heat. Rentco only sources quality trucks and we handle all of the servicing and maintenance for you. Whether you’re looking for a piece of transport equipment on a short, medium or long-term basis, we have you covered.

We also source primarily Volvo prime movers, which are known for their reliability and quality. Tests have shown that even Volvo’s electric trucks can withstand hot Australian summers.

When it comes to regular servicing, you should make sure you cover all the stops – from vehicle maintenance to tires to ensuring that your vehicles stay clean.

All equipment in Rentco’s fleet is subject to a structure planned maintenance program that preserves and enhances the reliability of our equipment. This ensures that our equipment is maintained to high standards and remains as safe as possible.

Our service and repairs are in-house; we have our own workshops and employ our own team of experienced technicians and service personnel. Plus, every Rentco vehicle undergoes a comprehensive inspection before you pick it up, so you know it’s rigorously tested.

Have a good back-up plan

Sometimes, running into issues is inevitable. And with the sweltering Australian heat and often hundreds of kilometres between pit stops, it’s vitally important that you’re prepared for the worst – even if you have absolute confidence in your equipment.

Rentco offers comprehensive 24/7 support across Australia, which means you’re never stranded in the dangerous heat. We believe our support solution is the best in the industry, and we have long-standing clients that would agree.

Whether you choose Rentco or not, make sure that you know you can get help if you get stranded, and plan ahead for a potential wait in the heat. Bring lots of water and anything else you need to stay cool.

When the heat starts to ramp up in Australia, it’s important to protect your logistics workers and drivers. They deserve to be comfortable, and not to mention, heat stress has been proven to cost employers $6.9 billion a year. Make smart choices when choosing your fleet, and ensure that you implement strict safety measures and guidelines to stay safe.

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