Need A Bus For Commercial Purposes? Here’s What You Should Know

A commercial bus for hire

Investing in a fleet of buses is a big cost for many companies servicing rural areas and yet it’s often a necessity.

Companies, especially those in the mining sector, often need to transport staff to and from the site, which can be challenging given conditions. 

A bus needs to be suited to the conditions while also having the capacity to transport your team quickly and efficiently. However, you might not always need the same one, in the same place, for the same purpose, especially if you’re operating across multiple sites. This makes investing in a bus seem pointless.

If you need a bus for your business, here’s a few things you should consider.

Renting is often the better choice

You want your fleet of buses to be versatile, hardy, available across multiple locations and meeting different environmental standards. This isn’t always possible. Instead of investing in a whole fleet of buses to transport staff backwards and forwards from your work sites, you should consider renting a bus.

Rentco offers bus rental options that include 12 seaters and 25 seaters. These are perfect for companies such as those in mining, with diverse team sizes and specific working requirements. 

All of Rentco’s buses are not only suited to mining conditions, where roads may be unsealed or rough, but they are covered with 24/7 national breakdown support and adherence to rigid servicing schedules.

Don’t invest in a fleet of buses for staff transportation when you can get the flexibility of reliable bus rentals with Rentco.

Consider size and requirements

Even without the danger of rough and unsealed roads, it’s important to make sure that your bus is suited to its requirements. For many companies, they need to transport their staff across long distances and often need to operate in perilous and extreme weather conditions.

You need to know that your team will be safe and won’t face unnecessary risk at the hands of the weather or the conditions of the roads you’re travelling on.

Mine sites are already highly dangerous areas that require strict safety standards. The last thing you want is to add unnecessary risk where it doesn’t need to be.

When it comes to size, you also want to know that you’ve got yourself covered. Rentco can accommodate different size requirements from 25 seaters to 12 seaters. 

Our 25 seaters can accommodate 24 people plus the driver, or 21-23 passengers with ultimate comfort. If you are in need of additional storage and transport, our 25 seater has a tow bar that allows for a utility trailer and the transport of additional equipment and gear.

Ensure that your bus is in great condition, all of the time

Too often, after you purchase or rent a shiny new vehicle, it quickly becomes outdated and broken down. You want to ensure that you are investing in a vehicle that lasts. 

When you rent with Rentco, you know with confidence that you are putting money towards a reliable and high-quality vehicle with technology standards that meet a very high bar and are always versatile.

If you’re looking to rent a bus, Rentco can provide you with experienced advice, support and guidance with multi-faceted implementation. Get in touch with the Rentco team here or call our head office on 08 9353 9999.