Mini tipper trucks: 3 handy uses on construction sites

A draftsman works on a construction plan

With the rising cost of building materials, supply chain delays, and lost time and money from previous COVID-19 lockdown periods, flexibility and reliability has never been more important when choosing suppliers for your construction business.

At Rentco, we understand that keeping costs low and reducing financial risk are paramount to keeping your business afloat in these tough times. 

So, if you’re looking for smarter transport equipment solutions for your small to medium-sized building business, we recommend checking out our mini tippers for hire. 

A compact, easy to handle, and versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for smaller construction sites, here are some of the most useful applications for our mini tipper rentals.

Shift loose material and construction supplies quickly and easily

A mini tipper is much more efficient in cleaning up demolition waste and carting loads of aggregate around a site, helping you save time and labour costs. 

Equipped with a two-way tailgate for easy loading and unloading, and a tow hitch to attach a trailer, they are also good to have handy for shifting building materials like bricks, timber, bags of cement and even other equipment onsite.

Ideal for hard to reach places and all weather conditions

Used together with earthmoving equipment, a mini tipper can assist in backfilling tight spots around a site. Given their smaller design, they are easier to manoeuvre around narrow spaces, residential projects, and city construction sites. 

Concerned about wet and rainy conditions on site? Mini tippers can still operate safely and keep everything moving, so you don’t have to worry about project delays or burning money while your crew is on standby.

Move work crews to and from the site

The driver’s cabin in our mini tippers has plenty of room for an extra passenger, so your crew can quickly get from one part of a site to the other.

If you have a bigger work crew or job that demands a higher payload from your equipment, you can enquire about our range of tipper truck sizes and other light transport vehicles for hire.

Hire and save more on transport equipment with Rentco

Bought outright, transport equipment can be prohibitively expensive for many small to medium-sized businesses. Combined with the need to pay for regular but necessary maintenance, owning equipment can be a drain on your reserves even when it sits unused in storage. 

By hiring with Rentco, you can get the equipment you need when and as you need it. With the option to rent equipment on a short or longer-term basis through our flexible rental arrangements, you won’t need to worry about paying more than is absolutely necessary.

We’ll also take care of cleaning, maintaining, and fuelling up rental vehicles, so that you’re ready to hit the ground running and will project a professional image when arriving at your next job. 

To get the most out of your investment in equipment hire, talk to our expert team at Rentco. Find your nearest depot here to enquire now.