Low loader trailers: What are they and how can they benefit your next project?

A low loader trailer

Transporting heavy loads—and we’re talking heavy, like a haul truck—needs a special kind of trailer. Not just any generic trailer will do. You need one that’s robust enough to safely carry your machinery, with the stability and power to ensure you can get it from A to B on time.

This is where a low loader trailer is your best friend.

A low loader trailer is a type of flatbed trailer, made to carry industrial-weight loads. They’re powerful units that can help you improve your efficiency on site, without sacrificing safety.

Let’s take a closer look at low loader trailers, what they’re used for, and how they can be of benefit to you on your next transport project.

The lowdown on low loader trailers

Low loader trailers are designed to help you carry a variety of heavy equipment safely and securely. Attaching directly to a prime mover—or in some cases, to the back end of a road train—low loader trailers provide a robust transportation option for even the largest of machinery.

They’re known as a low loader trailer due to their signature deck height. Typically sitting at around one metre off the ground, this is significantly lower than your standard transport trailer. 

This special design makes it easier to load and industrial equipment. It also works to improve the stability of your trailer, while lowering the centre of gravity of your load, creating a safer transportation experience.

An added benefit is in their hydraulic lifting capabilities. With a low loader trailer, you’re able to raise and lower the deck as needed. This allows you to accommodate taller machinery, such as haul trucks, by lowering the deck even further. Sometimes this extra room is all you need to ensure your load is within road regulations.

Ideal for mining and construction projects

Low loader trailers are well-suited to mining and construction projects. The large flat deck allows for safe positioning of most heavy machinery, and the powerful axles enable you to move even the largest of loads with little resistance. Whether it’s transporting heavy agricultural machinery, mining equipment, or even irregular-sized loads like large reels of cable, construction piping, or conveyor belts, a low loader trailer has you covered.

At Rentco, each one of our low loader trailer rentals is road train compatible, enabling you to increase the carrying capacity of your road train fleet.

Built to withstand even the harshest of Australian conditions, they’re made to support long haul transport all around the country.

How much can a low loader trailer carry?

The carrying capacity of your low loader trailer will really depend on your needs. Whether you’re carrying a seven-tonne combine harvester, or a 50-tonne excavator, we’ve got a range of low loader trailers to suit your requirements.

Rentco’s fleet provides a range of low loader trailer rentals

Our low loader trailer rentals feature a range of trailers with carrying capacities from five to 50 tonnes, with a variety of deck sizes to accommodate your specific equipment needs.

We know that every site is different—so they’re not static, either. We also provide expandable low loader trailers, allowing you to accommodate different-sized loads. With a deck that expands outwards, you can equip side extensions for wider loads like dozers, scrapers, and haul trucks. Some also extend lengthways, making them ideal for longer machinery like graders.

Low loaders that come with features to make your job easier

Our goal is to ensure you transport your heavy loads where they need to go, fast, efficiently, and safely. So each of our low loader trailer rentals comes standard with a robust tri-axle, helping you boost your load capacity, while delivering greater stability to your cargo. 

Each trailer comes with hydraulic ramps, complete with their own power pack, so you’re ready to get started as soon as your trailer arrives on site. The beavertail ramp at the back of your trailer allows for easy loading over the bogie at the rear.

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Rentco are trailer rental specialists. With a fleet that stretches from Perth to Melbourne, all the way up to Townsville and Darwin, we’re experts in the game. And this includes low loader trailers.So when you’re considering the best way to transport your heavy machinery, get in touch with us for your transport equipment hire needs. We can discuss which low loader trailer is right for you, and help you get your cargo out on the road sooner.