Is a tipper truck the right choice for my worksite?

A construction worker is welding a metal frame together while on a building worksite

Also called a dump truck, the tipper truck is a versatile, safe and efficient way of transporting loose materials. Often, these trucks are used on worksites.

If you have a project that will likely involve a lot of heavy lifting to transport materials, then a tipper truck is an excellent choice.

What is a tipper truck?

Tipper trucks are often used to transport asphalt, construction aggregate, dirt, grain, gravel, sand, snow and wood chips across worksites.

Tipper trucks are ideal for transporting heavy goods without difficulty. This takes any manual labour out of the equation, reducing workplace injuries and exertion for a safer overall worksite.

Depending on your needs, a smaller tipper truck might be better for you. At Rentco, we offer mini tipper hire alongside our regular tipper truck hire – these trucks can still accommodate a lot of materials, but are more compact for moving materials or equipment.

Best industries for tipper trucks


Tipper trucks are widely used in the construction industry to quickly transport large quantities of material. Often, on construction sites, there’s a need to transport materials back and forth without the requirement of manual labour. This way, personnel can make fewer trips and the project will be more efficient overall.


When it comes to mining, tipper trucks allow for workers to transfer large volumes of loose materials such as rocks, dirt, minerals, and ores in  harsh terrains. Tipper trucks can allow materials to be moved without the driver even having to step out of the driver’s seat.

Industrial waste management

Tipper trucks are strong and reliable for moving waste quickly and efficiently, and can be a great choice for moving industrial waste, including construction waste. For large projects, tipper trucks provide an alternative to skip bins.

When you hire a tipper truck from Rentco, you’ll receive a truck that’s equipped with retractable tarps to support safety and comply with state government regulations around road safety. This is especially important when it comes to moving industrial waste.

Rent or buy: Which is the better choice financially?

While it depends on the situation, hiring tipper trucks is often the better choice financially, and from an overall business perspective. Especially if you’re looking to hire a tipper for a once-off project, you don’t want the commitment of a full purchase.

However, renting a tipper can be a great choice even for bigger businesses and industries. When you rent a tip truck from Rentco, you know that the vehicle will be regularly serviced and maintained without extra costs or stress. Renting also means that when you no longer have a need for a tip truck, you can swap it out for another equipment option, or simply return it altogether.

Looking for tipper truck hire?

At Rentco, we are Australia’s go-to providers for truck and trailer rentals. Your rental fee covers vehicle insurance, maintenance, and storage, so you won’t need to worry about the smaller details.

To enquire about our fleet of equipment for hire or for more information about vehicle specs and features, get in touch with your nearest Rentco depot and we’ll be happy to help you.