Introducing Rentco’s electric tractors: A greener way to haul cargo

Rentco green and white Electric Tractor

The transportation industry is at the start of a transformative shift. Electric vehicles are starting to enter the market, which is causing fleet managers all over the country to rethink their operations.

But if going green is your aim, you don’t have to do it all in one big, wide-reaching step.

At Rentco, we recently announced the arrival of 12 new Terberg YT200EV fully-electric terminal tractors into our fleet.

So, if you’re thinking about the best way to start the move towards a more sustainable business, why not start small?

Let’s take a look at these innovative new electric vehicles, and how you can integrate them into your operations.

Meet the newest addition to our terminal tractor hire range

We first introduced our Terberg YT200EV fully-electric terminal tractors back in July, where we touched on the broader overall benefits of including them as part of our transport equipment rentals. But we never really talked about what was under the hood.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from these vehicles, and the specific benefits you can leverage.

Powerful engine to optimise efficiency

The Terberg YT200EV features a Greatland 240/120kW (GLMP320L3) asynchronous water-cooled E-motor.

Delivering the same output as a standard diesel engine, it’s rated to 120kW, with a top-end capacity of 240kW. Fully-electric, the engine is designed to boost efficiency, producing the power and torque to carry up to a 90-tonne payload—while producing absolutely zero CO2 emissions.

Cut your fuel bill

The Terberg YT200EV is powered by integrated CATL battery packs, which use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells which can power it for up to 10 hours continuously—no fuel required. This eliminates the need for fuel reserves on site. Simply plug the Terberg into the specially-designed charger, and it can reach full charge in an hour. The new EV drive supports regenerative braking as well, thus reducing energy consumption even further.

It’s a much easier and more efficient process when compared to refuelling a standard petrol or diesel-fuelled terminal tractor, and creates the potential to develop a zero-emission warehouse.

Reduce maintenance costs

With electric vehicles, there’s less maintenance, too.

The internals of a petrol engine rely on combustion, exhaust, and all those noisy, dirty, hard-wearing elements. Compare this to an electric engine, which is powered by a battery and doesn’t need engine oil to lubricate any moving parts. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance, saving you time and budget, while reducing the chance of unscheduled downtime.

Improve on-site safety

While electric engines create a better all-round environment for their operators, the Terberg YT200EV specifically features a multi-faceted safety design that takes this several steps further.

Six temperature sensors within the vehicle, plus a smoke sensor, and short circuit, overload, and low voltage protection, means it’s safer in the cab. Generating zero CO2 or NOx emissions ensures better air quality and no harsh smells indoors, creating a more comfortable environment for your wider teams.

Fewer moving engine parts work to reduce vibrations and movement, creating a smoother ride. There’s significantly less noise generated when driving the machine, so it’s also better for their hearing. Coupled with larger windows to improve visibility, it ensures your operators can be more aware of what’s going on around them, creating a safer environment not just for them, but also for your other staff on site.

A versatile tool in any fleet

Electric terminal tractors are extremely versatile tools in your fleet, and can adapt to a range of different industries.

Their speed and agility help to improve freight handling at busy ports, with the power to manoeuver large trailers with ease. Within busy distribution centres and warehouses, electric terminal tractors are perfectly suited to handle the tight spaces, while optimising uptime to ensure seamless movement of your goods and materials.

In the agricultural sector, these tractors can move bulk produce and equipment, providing a green alternative in rural areas. Manufacturing facilities can benefit from transporting materials safely and efficiently, while taking peace of mind that this addition to your fleet is helping to reduce your facility’s carbon footprint.

Electric terminal tractors can even support construction sites, by moving heavy equipment and materials while reducing fuel spend to improve your bottom line.

Greener transport equipment hire is here

Transitioning your fleet to EV doesn’t have to happen all at once. To ensure a seamless transition, with as few teething troubles as possible, take it slow. Start small.

And electric terminal tractors are the best place to start.

Rather than focusing on your on-road fleet, integrating electric transport equipment rentals into your on-site vehicle roster means you get better oversight over their operation. You only use them in smaller spaces, for shorter trips, and you can keep a closer eye on their performance. This also means less wear and tear, and less exposure to the elements, meaning easier maintenance all-round.

They’re fast to refuel, too; simply plug them into their charging port when your operators are on a break, and they’ll be ready to go again when they return to the vehicle.

So, while it might be a small start, you’ll be able to start seeing big fuel and maintenance savings in just a few months.

So, if you’re ready to boost the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of your fleet, our new range of Terberg YT200 EV electric terminal tractors will get you started. By incorporating these electric vehicles into your operations, you can put things into momentum to reduce your emissions, slash your fuel bills, and improve the safety of your people on site.

Get in touch with your nearest Rentco depot today to browse our electric terminal tractor range, and see how we can help you take advantage of the new wave of sustainable transport equipment.