Increase your freight capacity for less with flat rack container hire

A truck is being loaded up with pallets by a forklift operator

Despite rolling supply chain disruptions, truck driver shortages, and rising shipping costs, demand is not slowing down for the logistics industry. To make matters worse, warning signs of a global recession could mean more risk, uncertainty, and inflated costs for freight carriers.

Flexibility, then, is a key trait that businesses need to overcome these challenges, and at Rentco, we keep this front of mind with our transport equipment hire services.

One of our most sought-after pieces of equipment are our 40ft flat rack containers. Here are just a few reasons why our customers choose to use flat racks to drive more efficiencies in their business.

Save space with stackable and collapsible flat rack containers

Due to their design, flat racks are a flexible and more cost-effective solution for freight of all shapes and sizes. 

These open containers have two end walls which can be fixed or collapsed, making it easier to transport and load up freight and helping reduce the total weight of your shipment.

Ideal for large and irregularly-shaped loads such as construction materials, machinery, timber, steel, or other miscellaneous goods, our flat rack containers can accommodate a range of freight in one shipment.

Conveniently, flat racks can also be stacked while in use or in storage to save more space. Don’t waste valuable space in closed containers with limited capacity – hire a flat rack container today.

Flat racks are safe to handle and durable in transit

While a lighter and more flexible solution than closed containers, flat racks still have a high loading capacity and are well-designed for rough transportation conditions.

Rentco can provide the full range of load restraint equipment you need to secure your cargo, and the flat racks themselves have forklift pockets to help move them when empty.

For added safety, all containers are reinforced with rigid steel framing, standardised weight bearing corner fittings, and multiple anchor points to prevent loads from moving around in transit.

Reduce financial risk by hiring flat rack containers as and when you need them

As industry demand surges and supply slows due to geopolitical tensions and natural disasters, your business needs to be prepared with swift and frequent changes in the market. 

With Rentco, you can rest assured that you won’t be locked into any contracts that no longer make business sense for you. Our flat racks can be hired on a short, medium, long-term or even one-off basis, and if you need to add on another tautliner truck or trailer to help move your freight, we have plenty of equipment ready to go.

Enquire about our flat rack container hire

Our quality 40ft flat rack containers are available for hire on a one-off or ongoing basis for your business. Wherever you are based in Australia, there’s a Rentco depot near you that’s ready to supply the transport equipment you need, so enquire with us today by contacting your local depot.