How transport equipment hire can simplify your regional operations

Two Rentco Trucks in Regional Australia.

Wherever you’re located in Australia, you rely on specific equipment to keep your business running and your customers or clients happy. So it’s critical that this equipment, and your fleet, runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

But when you’re based regionally, things can get a bit harder. You face challenges that metro businesses don’t necessarily have to contend with, which create roadblocks that can bring your operations to a halt.

This is why having a reliable heavy duty transport equipment hire partner is crucial. A partner who operates Australia-wide, and can support you with transport equipment rentals on either a short, medium, or long-term basis.

So at Rentco, we’ve got you covered.

We understand the challenges that your regional operations face

Poor quality infrastructure

Many regional areas lack the high-quality transportation infrastructure necessary for efficient logistics operations, leading to increased wear and tear on your vehicles and fleet.

Over time, this can lead to longer delays, increased costs, and if left unmanaged, can turn into long, drawn-out downtime for repairs.

Large distances

Businesses that operate purely in the metro area often can’t comprehend the sheer distance that regional operators have to deal with. Effective communication between on-road vehicles is critical in these applications, and these days cross-country logistics and transport businesses are driven by digital connectivity.

So it’s crucial to have access to the fleet and equipment that ensure better oversight over your operations, wherever they are in the country.

Greater financial risks

Some industries, like businesses in the agricultural industry, face issues like unsteady income. Significant variability poses a big risk factor: periods of drought can reduce crop yields, and lower yields mean less money to invest upfront in better technology, equipment, and new facilities. And, much like businesses operating in logistics, having the size, space, and storage capacities for fluctuating inventory is critical to maintain a thriving business.

Emissions reduction

There’s also the looming spectre of emissions reduction. Businesses in a range of industries, including more specifically the logistics, agriculture, and mining sectors, are starting to face the sharp end of emissions reduction initiatives.

But for each of these challenges, it’s not necessarily a large, broad-brush approach that can solve them. And for some, they may even be issues that can only be solved with time and government investment—unfortunately, areas we’re not equipped to tackle.

There are, however, practical solutions that can support your business in facing these challenges head-on. And, you guessed it, they start by looking into efficient, effective transport equipment hire.

Our transport equipment hire is designed to support businesses Australia-wide

When we say Australia-wide, we mean it. We offer an extensive fleet of over 3,500 vehicles and pieces of equipment to support your regional business through any situation, with 24/7 support to keep you running.

A reliable fleet for any application

Wherever your operations need support, our transport equipment can help.

From small transport trucks to rigid trucks, we can help ensure your produce gets from A to B. Need something bigger? Our range of tautliner trailers and skels are built tough to withstand the rigours of long transport routes, while ensuring the safety of your payload the whole way through.

We have over 200 prime movers available for heavy haul and offroad applications. Our range of tipper trucks can help optimise your movements around mine and construction projects, or you can choose from a selection of low loader trailers to transport your heavy machinery to and from site.

And it’s not just machinery. We also offer a range of light vehicles and 12-seater buses, to ensure your people get to and from site safely and securely each day.

Looking to move towards an electric fleet? Try out our newly arrived Terberger YT200EV yard trucks. These fully-electric vehicles integrate with your fleet to help you reduce your fuel and maintenance costs, improve site safety, and work towards greening your operations at the same time.

And being rental equipment, you don’t have to make large upfront capex investments. Your rental hire becomes part of your opex spend, meaning you can plan your budget more effectively for the long-term.

Regularly serviced to withstand the rigours of regional transport

All our equipment and vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced. Undertaken by our specially-trained in-house team, our structured planned maintenance initiative preserves and enhances the reliability of our equipment, ensuring they keep running as smoothly as possible.

This means you get peace of mind that every time you hire with us, you’re getting machinery that’s working its best and ready to go.

Total flexibility to support your operations

We offer a range of rental options to support your projects. From short-term hire to cover unexpected equipment downtime, medium-term hire to support one-time projects, or long-term hire for flexible fleet supplementation, we have you covered.

24/7 support means you don’t have to wait around for business hours to get your fleet back on the road, either. Our support team will come straight to you and ensure you get the help you need to get your machinery up and running again.

Simplify your regional operations with Rentco’s transport equipment rental

At Rentco, we offer a wide range of heavy duty equipment hire, Australia-wide. Available for the term of your specific projects, accessing a tailored transport rental equipment solution ensures you can take advantage of well-maintained, modern vehicles to ensure your business continues to deliver on its promises.

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you incorporate rental solutions into your regional business.