How transport equipment hire can help decarbonise mining operations

A tautliner truck with 'Rentco Transport Equipment Rentals' written on the side

Like many companies in the mining industry today, you may be starting your journey to net zero emissions. While we’re seeing this positive shift across all sectors, decarbonising your business is not an easy road.

To start with, there are the practicalities of ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly and reliably, as well as keeping costs manageable.

At the same time, green energy solutions and lower emission technologies are still being developed and rolled out, which makes it hard to find mining and transport equipment that satisfies your business requirements while moving the needle with your sustainability goals.

With all that said, the main focus for businesses right now is what they can do to transition the business to more low carbon solutions and ways of working, while still staying profitable.

One way to start decarbonising your mining business is by looking at how you can cut carbon emissions from your fleet of vehicles and machinery.

Instead of buying new equipment outright that relies on “dirty” energy, you could consider renting transport equipment for short-term needs or longer periods of time, until it’s viable for you to invest in electric vehicles and other clean technologies.

Here are some of the top reasons why renting instead of buying equipment is a practical way to reduce your impact.

Save energy, money, and emissions with more efficient transport equipment

At Rentco, we’ve been a trusted supplier of mine spec vehicles for decades and understand the demanding environment you operate in.

Our modern fleet of vehicles are durable, equipped with all the tools and safety features your crew needs, and maintained to a high standard that ensures they run as efficiently as possible.

Ultimately, this will save you more money on fuel, repairs, and reduce the amount of emissions released when in use.

Supplement your fleet with lower-emission vehicles

If you’re looking to phase out older trucks for more eco-friendly vehicles, you might like to consider our prime movers for hire. Our prime mover fleet consists of state-of-the-art Volvo FH series trucks. These trucks are known for offering the highest level of driver safety, comfort, and reliability, alongside some features that make it a greener choice of vehicle.

Each truck is fitted with carbon neutralisers to help reduce emissions, and the engine has been specially designed for maximum fuel efficiency and power for long-haul trips.

Hire transport vehicles with more capacity for crew and supplies

Outgrowing your old fleet and need something bigger for your expanding business? Our dual cab ute vehicles are perfect for quickly and efficiently shifting people and their supplies around.

Alternatively, if you have a bigger team, we also offer 12 and 25 seater buses to move people to, form, and around site.

Whatever your transport needs are, our expert team at Rentco can provide a tailored solution; from short, medium, and long-term hire to making custom modifications to your chosen vehicle for a particular job.

Want to learn more about our transport equipment for hire? Contact your nearest Rentco depot today.