How to ensure early detection of potential issues in your fleet

Small truck hire, red truck from Rentco

For businesses in the transport or logistics industry, you rely on the efficiency of your fleet. A fault, failure, or breakdown that causes one of your vehicles to be put out of action is a recipe for disaster.

This is why early detection of any vehicle issues is crucial. It ensures the optimal performance of your fleet, and helps to catch any peculiarities, issues, or potential problems before they turn into a real danger.

At Rentco, we understand this better than most. As a leading name in the transport equipment hire business, we’re only as good as our reputation—which is built on performance and quality of our fleet.

To continue delivering on this standard, we ensure that all our equipment, from trucks to trailers, are regularly managed and maintained. And early detection plays a big part in ensuring the safety and reliability of our vehicles.

Here’s how to ensure the early detection of potential issues in your fleet.

Use quality trucks and equipment

It should go without saying, but using quality equipment, from reliable brands, delivers a better result than opting for cheaper brands and vehicles. Sure, it might deliver some savings in the short term—but being made from cheaper parts, with less reliability, and less strict safety standards, is a recipe for long-term problems.

Using good quality equipment, from a reputable brand, gives you peace of mind that you don’t get from choosing a cheaper option. Particularly when it’s well-maintained.

At Rentco, we provide high quality transport equipment and truck hire, with a fleet that’s made up of trusted brand names like Volvo, Terberg, and Toyota.

Browse our portfolio to see the quality equipment and brands we have on offer.

Undertake preventative maintenance

The old adage, prevention is better than the cure, is particularly apt when it comes to your fleet. Well-maintained vehicles don’t unexpectedly break down.

By performing regular preventative maintenance, you’re preventing faults from occurring in the first place. It prolongs the lifespan of your vehicles by ensuring they’re always operating efficiently. They’ll run much more smoothly, reducing wear and tear over time, optimising their performance.

It also saves you money in the long run. Well-maintained vehicles are much less prone to accidents, faults, or breakdowns. And it’s cheaper to identify and repair or replace an expensive part, than take a vehicle out of service altogether.

Ultimately, preventative maintenance helps to improve the reliability of your vehicles, improving their uptime—and helping your business deliver on its responsibilities.

At Rentco, we handle all this for you. Every vehicle and piece of equipment in our fleet undergoes regular comprehensive servicing. From brakes, electrical, and tyre checks, to full safety reviews, mechanical repairs, and engine diagnostics, all undertaken by our qualified, experienced technicians. You don’t have to do a thing.

Train your drivers to be aware of potential faults

Your drivers should be in tune with the vehicles they operate. They should know what a well-functioning vehicle sounds like, and how it handles. By knowing it intimately, all the shakes and rattles, the engine pitch, and the noise of the brakes, they’re much more in tune to identify any changes in their vehicle’s regular operation.

If not, it’s vital to ensure your operators have training in what a well-maintained, regularly serviced vehicle feels like. This ensures they’re able to identify when something isn’t right, and organise a repair or service before it gets any worse.

At Rentco, our vehicles undergo a complete safety review when they come back to us. This helps us identify and fix any issues, and ensure they’re good to go when they next leave our depot.

But we also understand that accidents happen. To combat this, we offer industry-leading 24/7 support that backs up each one of our rentals, all across Australia.

Ensure the efficiency of your fleet with reliable transport equipment hire

Early detection of any issues with your vehicles is worth its weight in gold. It keeps them on the road longer, reduces downtime, improves their lifespan, and creates a safer environment for your operators. You’re able to save money on larger repairs and maintenance, while boosting the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Rentco is proud of our regular, comprehensive fleet maintenance service—and a key part of this is our early detection and preventative maintenance program.

So if you’re looking for high quality transport equipment and truck hire that you know is operating at peak efficiency and safety, contact your nearest depot today to browse our equipment range.