How Rentco Is Setting Industry Standards In Transport Equipment

Rentco has a fleet of prime movers for hire

More and more, companies big and small are renting industrial transport equipment for a variety of reasons, including increased production demands. 

When you’re renting equipment for important projects, you want to know that these pieces of equipment are reliable. Thankfully, as Australia’s largest provider of transport equipment rentals, Rentco knows what works.

Asset reliability is vital in transport equipment rentals

Not only does asset reliability mean that the equipment we offer is reliable and accessible, it also means that it’s regularly serviced and maintained. We never provide equipment that isn’t meeting the highest quality standards. 

We care about our customers above everything – and it shows in the way we go above and beyond to ensure that we can provide our clients with what they need.

There are a few things you need to look at when choosing an equipment rental company:

  • Do they adhere to rigid equipment service schedules?
  • Are they constantly looking for new equipment to keep up with changing times?
  • Are they always available for help if needed?

Rentco meets all of these standards and more. Nothing is more important than assurance that your equipment won’t let you down.

Asset reliability is what we do well, and this shows in the maintenance of trucks and other transport equipment that we offer for hire. We also have depots all across Australia, with a recently built headquarters in Perth and two Super Depots in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Whether it’s truck hire, trailer hire, bus or ute hire, Rentco has a wide range of transport equipment available for our customers. All of these have the benefit of local service but nationwide availability, and straightforward and transparent rental agreements. Short or long term, we’ve got you covered.

Custom service for every client

We don’t adhere to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. While we deliver the same great service nationwide, we also know that every company has different requirements. No matter what they are, we strive to meet those individual requirements.

Whether this means sourcing the right equipment for your business or changing our service requirements based on what the product is being used for (for example, mining), we will ensure that we deliver the right equipment service specific to the situation. 

In between our two Brisbane depots alone, we have 650 pieces of equipment, and over 2000 fleet items nationwide, so you know that we’ll be able to find the right equipment for you.  Our team is constantly on the lookout for new high-quality transport equipment and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our equipment is well looked after.

A business that works with you

Rentco is a family-owned Australian business of over 25 years. We’re experienced in understanding, designing, supplying and maintaining the country’s largest range of transport equipment, which can be made available to every Australian operator in either the long or short term.

We’ve also worked hard to build an approachable feel to the business. The communicative environment that we’ve curated shows in our team’s dedication. Because our team genuinely cares about delivering great results, both our service and our equipment is always of the highest quality. Many of our managers and staff have been with the company for over a decade.

Our transport equipment is reliable, with transparency and assurance in what you’re paying for. If you’re looking for transport equipment hire in Australia, get in touch with your local Rentco depot and we can help.