How Rentco Is Breaking Boundaries With “Smart” Fleets

Rentco's Volvo trucks meet the Performance-Based Standards for heavy vehicles

Fleet management isn’t your average job. Between tight budgets, hectic schedules, and managing staff, you are responsible for procuring and maintaining transport equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With so much at stake in your business, boosting efficiency while maintaining strict safety standards and keeping costs down is a tricky balancing act; however, with the right technology, you won’t need to compromise on any of these. 

From real-time truck tracking to our unique selection of prime movers, here’s how Rentco is using smarter tech solutions to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Side loaders equipped with precision location technology

A side lifter trailer can unload truck containers without the need for other additional and expensive lifting equipment. It only needs one person to control it, which makes it a much safer and faster way of loading and unloading freight, particularly where there’s limited space.

Our Steelbro swing lifters are enhanced with precision location technology, which enables you to unload containers half a metre from the side of the truck and in perfect alignment with your vehicle.

With this type of side loader, you’ll be able to plan your drop offs while maximising productivity, which becomes especially handy when there are multiple trucks entering the worksite.

Truck tracking technology

Technology that enables real-time, data-driven decision making is a must-have in today’s fast-moving economy. 

That’s why we’ve invested in Rentraxx – an asset tracking software which allows you to quickly pinpoint the locations of your trucks and trailers, the routes and distances travelled, and any service alerts, all from your office computer.

Besides giving you the data you need to operate smarter and more proactively – such as tweaking your maintenance schedule and optimising truck routes – this software frees up more of your time as a fleet operator and increases the accuracy of your reporting.

Designed to easily integrate with each of our customers’ systems, Rentraxx is installed in our entire truck fleet, but we can also add it to customer-owned fleets as a standalone package.

Top-of-the-range Volvo prime movers

Operating heavy machinery and transport vehicles comes with strict compliance requirements around safety, and with increasing standards around sustainability and productivity, the pressure on business owners to innovate and adapt has never been greater. 

At Rentco, we pride ourselves on our modern fleet of trucks that not only run on innovative transport technology, but also the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) for heavy vehicles. 

This is essentially an  industry seal of quality that guarantees your vehicle meets the stability, safety, and sustainability standards set out by the PBS Scheme. 

Compared to a conventional fleet, trucks that meet these standards are proven to have had a 60% improvement in safety outcomes, with significantly less accidents. 

But the benefits for your business don’t stop there – by hiring out one of our Volvo prime movers, you’ll also enjoy greater productivity, performance, and reliability, without having to fork out an eye-watering amount of money.

While adopting and rolling out new technology and processes in your business can sound like a costly and pain-staking process, Rentco makes it easy for your business to get up to speed with our range of smarter transport equipment and software solutions.

Get your business moving faster with Rentco

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