Here’s why choosing to hire a bus is a more efficient transport solution for mine sites

A 12-seater bus for hire from Rentco

As a mine site manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re busy coordinating timing and equipment, balancing budgets, and managing risk on site. You’re also overseeing your employees to ensure your project runs on time—and, importantly, that they get home safely at the end of the day.

Because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

And one of the key ways you can ensure your employees’ safety, limit your risk, and keep your project moving, is by providing safe transportation to and from site.

Rather than relying on a number of individual rides, hiring a mine-spec bus provides a more efficient, and safer, solution for getting your teams from A to B.

Why should you rent a bus for your mine site?

Here are three key reasons why Rentco’s 12-seater bus rental provides a safer, more efficient option for your project.

1. Reduce ongoing costs

Think about the number of people you have on site. Everyone has to get there somehow.

Smaller vehicles, carrying fewer people, means you’ve got more vehicles on the road. You need a bigger fleet—and each of the vehicles in this fleet costs money.

You’ve got upkeep, like regular servicing, safety checks, and routine maintenance, and even registration. And that’s even before you get into the ongoing fuel costs from multiple vehicles.

A mine-spec 12-seater bus rental enables you to move groups of up to 12 people quickly and efficiently, while saving money at the same time. You reduce your number of vehicles on the road, reducing the cost of vehicle maintenance, limiting your repair and upkeep costs, and even saving money on wages for drivers.

2. Improve safety on and off site

As well as reducing your ongoing costs, a 12-seater bus hire solution enables you to improve your OSH.

By replacing individual vehicles with a mine-spec 12-seater bus rental option, you’re effectively replacing three vehicles with one—reducing your chances for vehicle accidents by over 50%. You can also ensure that the buses you hire are staffed by professional drivers, who undergo regular safety training and development.

Fewer people movements make it easier to keep track of your teams. You always know where and when your staff are arriving and departing the site.

You also get peace of mind that the 12-seater bus you hire is kitted out with the right safety features. Rentco buses can be configured to your specific site needs, and we provide features that ensure the safest conditions for your people, both inside and outside the vehicle. These include:

  • Engineered roll over protection systems
  • Load guards
  • Starter motor isolation/jump start receptacle kits
  • High lights
  • Reverse alarms
  • UHF and digital radios
  • In-Vehicle Management System (IVMS)
  • Safety equipment, including a mine flag, warning triangles, wheel chocks, internal ropes, first aid kit, wheel nut indicators, and fire extinguishers
  • Reflective safety tape and call sign decals.

So rather than trusting your people to private cars or fleet services, by hiring a 12-seater mine-spec bus you know that your transport options are designed to stand up to the conditions present on your site.

3. Better oversight of your teams

Trusting your site transport to individual vehicles can be a headache. You lose oversight over where your people are, when they arrive on site—and if they’ve even arrived at all.

Hiring a mine-spec bus takes the hassle out of it all. You can stop worrying about trying to corral work crews together; a bus ensures everyone arrives and departs on time. Your driver ensures the right people are where they need to be, with pre-arranged pickup and departure times, so that there are no delays.

At Rentco, each of our 12-seater bus rental options comes fitted with an In-Vehicle Management System. This allows you to remotely keep track of where your fleet is. You can monitor your teams when they’re on the road, so you get better oversight over your people’s movements.

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As a site manager you want to make your job as easy as possible—and eliminating the headache of team movements to and from site means one less thing to worry about. And by engaging Rentco to hire a 12-seater mine-spec bus to transport your teams, you can take advantage of some big benefits. 

Rentco specialises in transport equipment hire for mine sites. Get in touch with us to discuss your mine site transport needs, and how we can help you get your workers to and from site safer, every day.