Extending the lifespan of your prime movers creates a more efficient fleet

Rentco Truck driving on the road in Perth city.

Prime movers are workhorses of the logistics and transportation industries, the linchpins of supply chains that ensure your trailers, of all sizes, get where they need to go.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but without prime movers, the industry would stop.

At Rentco, our mission is to ensure that your fleet has the equipment and vehicles it needs to ensure smooth, seamless operation. And this includes our range of prime mover rentals.

But just having a prime mover as part of your fleet isn’t enough. You need to make sure that it’s properly maintained and managed, to ensure it continues to deliver its vital work.

The importance of prime movers in your fleet

Where projects call for the transportation of heavy loads, you need a vehicle that can live up to the task. A vehicle with power, with grunt, that can deliver the performance and power necessary.

Prime movers are effectively the vehicles that keep logistics and transport companies moving.

Think about it. With the capacity to transport various loads, from perishable items, to bulk cargo or heavy duty mining equipment, they feature a robust pulling power that’s crucial in a range of different applications.

For shipping and delivery processes, they haul trailers and carry cargo, making them a cornerstone piece of the logistics puzzle. This enables the movement of goods from A to B, from manufacturers to consumers.

In construction, prime movers are instrumental in transporting heavy equipment and materials to and from site, ensuring the process ticks along, and new projects are able to be built at all.

In agriculture, they support farmers and farmers by hauling bulk produce, machinery, and livestock from farm to factory.

Without prime movers, all of these processes would have to be done by a smaller truck or lorry, a vehicle with much less capacity and power. Fewer materials could be moved each load, and in some cases, the payload wouldn’t be moved at all.

The benefits and need for prime movers is clear. But to ensure you get the most out of your vehicles, it’s crucial that they’re properly maintained and managed.

How to extend the lifespan of a prime mover

Proper driver training

Prime movers are heavy vehicles, so it’s critical that they’re being operated by trained professionals.

Correct driving and handling training ensures that your drivers know how to operate your prime movers safely and effectively. They know the right load parameters, ensuring they’re never overloaded. It ensures they follow speed restrictions for certain loads.

Also, by instilling best practice driving habits, it helps your drivers know how to identify if something is wrong. Those little irregularities, rattles, or engine noises that signify when maintenance might be needed.

By catching issues early, you’re able to ensure your prime movers continue to operate at their peak efficiency.

Regular servicing and maintenance

It should go without saying, but good maintenance of your prime movers is critical. Regular and effective maintenance procedures help sustain the reliability and performance of these heavy-duty vehicles.

Whether it’s a flat tire, or something more serious, these mechanical failures can take your vehicles off the road, disrupting your entire operations.

Scheduled inspections, oil changes, tire checks, and overall mechanical upkeep prevents unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions. By ensuring comprehensive maintenance, you reduce the risk of costly repairs and downtime. They also ensure the safety of your drivers and the cargo they carry.

Comprehensive maintenance works to extend the lifespan of these vehicles, optimising their efficiency and fuel economy which, ultimately, saves you in the long run.

So, when looking to hire a prime mover to augment your fleet, you want peace of mind that you’re getting a vehicle that’s well-maintained.

When you partner with Rentco, you are. We undertake comprehensive testing and servicing for our prime movers, so you know that every vehicle you hire is operating as efficiently as possible, reducing the chance of unexpected downtime.

Opt for a quality brand over a cheaper price

Another way to extend the lifespan of your prime movers is by choosing a reputable, reliable brand. One that has a reputation for quality and longevity.

At Rentco we choose to use Volvo prime movers, a brand that’s known for its long lifespans, easy handling of long distances, and powerful performance when managing heavy loads. Along with a raft of inclusions to ensure the safety of their drivers, they’re also known for being fuel-efficient—which, obviously, is a huge benefit in the transport industry.

Find out more about why we choose Volvo for our truck rentals.

Where to get quality prime mover hire to support your fleet

If you’re looking to augment your fleet with prime mover hire, get in touch with us today. Our range of powerful, robust prime movers can ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of your fleet. We take care of the maintenance and management for you, so you don’t have to worry about their lifespan—you just focus on keeping your trucks on the road.

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