Enhancing logistic capabilities: Rentco’s role in expanding delivery networks

Rentco's transport equipment hire

At Rentco, our goal is to enhance your logistic capabilities to help your business achieve success. We do this by providing transport equipment rental to businesses of all sizes.

A key pillar of this is our truck hire services. With an extensive fleet, featuring robust and hard-wearing models, our trucks can integrate smoothly with your operations, helping you to boost your capacity and capabilities when you need it most.

We’re here to help your business thrive

In an environment of constant change, it helps to know that your business can roll with the punches.

It helps to know that you’re supported by a transport equipment rental partner who can help you quickly adjust the size and capacity of your fleet to meet current needs. Whether it’s the ability to grow quickly as demand increases, and ensure that your materials or deliveries get to the right people; or to easily scale back during slow times, ensuring that you’re not paying to keep vehicles on the road when they’re not needed.

We help empower the expansion of your delivery network, with a wide range of trucks available for hire. Our fleet is stocked with trucks that we know can withstand the rigours of being out on the road for long periods of time, and are made to handle whatever environments you need to operate in.

Prime movers

We have over 200 prime movers ready to help get your goods, materials, and equipment where it needs to go. With exceptional power and towing capacity, our prime movers are ideally suited for domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial purposes—essentially, any application where you need to get your heavy loads from A to B safely and reliably.

Rigid trucks

Our rigid trucks are the perfect solution to haul your materials, but you don’t need the size or space of a prime mover and trailer combination.

Our fleet of rigid trucks are versatile and robust machines, perfect for transporting heavy loads safely. Whether it’s moving orders around your city, or extending your reach into regional areas, they’re designed to transport a variety of goods, including palletised items, large or irregularly shaped loads, machinery, and mine cargo.

Our rigid flat tops help you move your goods easily and flexibly, whether it’s from your site to your customer, or between operations. They’re tough enough to cope with on-site conditions, while being compact enough to get around town with the capacity for long-haul deliveries.

Terminal tractors

Expanding your delivery network doesn’t just happen out on the roads. If you need more capacity on-site to manage your increased demand, we have a range of terminal tractors available for hire. They’re ready to help you move materials around your yards, smoothly and efficiently, for those times that you need extra support in getting it done.

Our range also includes a selection of electric terminal tractors, to support you in the electrification of your fleet—while you enjoy the benefits.

Why choose Rentco transport equipment rental

We have Australia’s largest transport equipment rental fleet

At Rentco, you can be assured that we have whatever you need to keep your operations moving. With a modern fleet of almost 4000 vehicles, no matter the size or scope of your operations, or the conditions that you work in, we can source and provide the right type of truck or trailer for the job.

We only use state-of-the-art equipment, and continually update our range, to ensure you get the best machinery available.

Access 24/7 support

We know that your teams need support out on the road. So when you partner with Rentco, you’re not alone. We provide 24/7 support, wherever you are in Australia, to ensure that if anything happens you can get your vehicles back up and running and on the road sooner, and you avoid long, drawn-out, costly downtime.

You get peace of mind that our equipment just works

We make sure that our machines are kept in the best condition. Regularly serviced and maintained in-house by our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians, our preventative maintenance schedule ensures smooth and efficient operation at all times. We employ people with extensive product knowledge who pride themselves on the standard of their work.

Expand your delivery network with Rentco’s transport equipment hire

If you’re looking to boost your capacity, expand your network, and scale your business, Rentco is here to support you. Our range of trucks, trailers, and transport equipment rental ensures that you can access the vehicles you need to augment your services—at the time that suits you, without having to invest in all-new vehicles.

So if you’re looking to scale your operations, get in touch with your nearest depot to discuss a Rentco transport equipment rental solution for your business.