Choose the right prime mover rental with the Volvo FH 500

Rentco Volvo prime mover hire

When you need to get your cargo from A to B—with a few hundred or thousand kilometres in between—you can’t just trust the job to any truck. You need a truck that you can rely on. One that will deliver the power you need to ensure efficient operation, so your logistics remain on track.

Rentco has the solution. We recommend the Volvo FH 500 Prime Mover for any jobs that need power, precision, and efficiency, and will stand up to any conditions that the Australian environment throws at it.

Let’s take a look at the Volvo FH 500, so you can see why it’s one of our premier prime mover rentals.

The Volvo FH 500 is a long haul icon

You’ve probably seen the Volvo FH 500, or one of its extended family, out on the road. Its recognisable design isn’t just for looks: the FH 500 is built tough, with a robust construction that’s ideal for long haul and regional transportation.

Powered by a 12.8-litre six-cylinder engine, it delivers an impressive 500hp and 2550 Nm of torque, allowing it to handle heavy loads effortlessly while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. Importantly, it features a clever Torque Assist feature, which monitors and controls the torque, optimising acceleration. This ensures the engine delivers high torque at low revs, allowing you to climb steep inclines in top gear with ease.

And it’s not just the drive, this also helps deliver a fuel saving of up to 3%, reducing spend in the long run.

Volvo dynamic steering delivers more steering force at low speeds, helping to reduce steering kick, and every FH 500 is fitted with EBS braking to provide superior response, performance, and safety.

Volvo trucks are known for their reliability and longer lifespans, and the FH 500 certainly delivers on this.

A range of features to keep your drivers safer

As well as delivering optimal power and efficiency, Volvo FH 500 prime movers also come with a raft of clever safety features designed to support your drivers.

  • Exceptional visibility from the driver’s seat means your drivers can see more around them when they’re out on the road.
  • Lane Keeping Assist delivers dynamic steering, helping your drivers to stay in their lane, with a vibrating alert in the steering wheel that notifies them if they leave the lane, which then gently guides the steering wheel back to the centre of the road.
  • Adaptive cruise control supports your drivers to maintain an even speed that’s appropriate for the road conditions, helping to save energy, and reduce tyre wear and fuel usage. This is a feature that works at all speeds—even down to a standstill. It turns on automatically so it can be used as soon as they hit the open road.
  • Active grip control improves the truck’s stability, acceleration, and braking capabilities in slippery conditions.
  • Passenger corner cameras help the driver get better visibility to see cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users around them.
  • A dual radar system on both sides of the truck delivers advanced collision avoidance support. They detect when other road users are nearby, even cyclists, and alert the driver. It’s a particularly useful feature when the driver is preparing to turn.

The Volvo FH 500 is built with comfort in mind

Volvo know that the users of their trucks are in them for the long haul. So they ensure their cabs are designed for maximum comfort.

The interior is finished with durable, comfortable materials, with plenty of room to ensure it doesn’t feel cramped. A four-point suspension system ensures comfort on even the bumpiest of roads, and a three-climate system allows the driver to control their temperature easily, creating a more comfortable drive, no matter the conditions outside.

There’s plenty of storage to ensure your people have everything they need for a long haul, including an integrated refrigerator and microwave.

There’s plenty to love about the design, too

Volvo’s fleet of trucks feature a classic, yet modern, look, and the FH 500 is no different. Clean lines, a robust grille, and improved aerodynamics all serve its iconic look.

A distinctive headlamp shape gives it a sleeker, sharper personality—which is functional, too. Adaptive high beams ensure better vision from inside the cab, while reducing any surprise or discomfort for other drivers on the road.

Choose the Volvo FH 500 as your next prime mover rental

At Rentco, we choose the best equipment and machinery because we want you to have access to the best.

The Volvo FH 500 prime mover is a formidable machine that delivers on all fronts. It combines power, safety, comfort, and efficiency in a way that few other trucks can match.

So when you’re looking to power your fleet with a robust, reliable vehicle, our Volvo FH 500 prime mover rental options have you covered.

Ready to get started? Reach out to our team and let’s talk about your prime mover rental needs.