The Beginners Guide For Renting Transport Equipment

Side loader lifting a container

The decision to rent or buy vehicles is a difficult question for many businesses of all sizes and across a range of industries. When the question is complex, there’s rarely one definitive answer.

For some companies, running, maintaining, and managing their own fleet of commercial vehicles makes sense.  For many others, renting a modern, well-maintained vehicle on an as-needed basis has many tangible advantages.

The benefits of renting commercial vehicles are many and varied, they include:

  • Fixed hire rates, making it easier to project future costs.
  • Renting frees up capital for other uses, which could provide a better return on investment.
  • A hire vehicle is maintained by the rental company.
  • No lost productivity during downtime.
  • No fleet management and compliance activities.
  • No depreciating assets.
  • 24/7 roadside assist.
  • A hire vehicle is an affordable solution when you have a specific long or short-term need.

Fixed costs

No costly overheads and access to a modern fleet of vehicles is a great option for many companies.

Renting a truck, trailer, bus, or ute and paying a fixed daily, weekly or monthly rate makes good economic sense because you know what your outgoings will be.

Plus, renting lets you respond to changing market conditions, allowing you to upscale when the opportunity arises, with the assurance of knowing your fixed cost in advances.


Generally speaking, renting ties up less capital than buying outright or long-term leasing. This frees up cash or capital which can be used to greater effect elsewhere in the business.

Plus, you have the option to return the vehicle when you have no further use for it. There are no long-term liabilities or obligations to see out an extended lease. You can expand when demand is high and cut back in the quieter periods without the liability of an asset which is standing idle and unproductive.

No ongoing maintenance

Maintaining a vehicle for long periods of time is expensive. Renting a commercial vehicle means your business has access to a modern fleet of vehicles as and when you need them.

You don’t have to factor in the expense of regular maintenance over the life of the vehicle. Even better, you get a replacement vehicle when essential servicing or repairs are needed meaning no lost productivity. It also means you don’t have to employ maintenance staff or pay expensive repair bills.

All you need to do is provide a driver with the proper accreditation and licence!


Every business experiences peaks and troughs. These can be managed by hiring a vehicle based on the specific needs of your business. You can hire a truck if you need to instantly add vehicles to your existing fleet or when you require a specialised vehicle for a specific purpose or time frame. This allows you to keep your clients happy by meeting demands and timelines in peak periods.

Best of all, you can return the vehicle or equipment when business is quieter and it’s no longer required. No downtime is an added bonus.


Depending on which state you’re are operating in, vehicles and equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained and they must also meet the compliance standards set by the regulators. Mine sites and construction sites all have strict criteria which must be met. Turning up at the gate with a non-compliant vehicle or equipment can cause expensive delays.

Depreciating assets

Asset management and depreciation is complex. Under Australian accounting standards, the depreciation expense is an estimate of the amount of future economic benefit (or service potential) that is expected to be consumed during the next 12 months. It’s a specialised business and something you don’t need to understand or worry about when you hire a vehicle from Rentco.


No matter how far away you are from your home base it’s important to know that you or your driver has access to a reliable 24/7 national breakdown support service. With outlets in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin, our customers enjoy the benefits of our local knowledge and the confidence of a network with national outreach.


No matter how large or small the job is, Rentco has a rental vehicle to meet your needs. Our fleet of modern, well maintained rental commercial vehicles and trucks and trailers can be driven and operated by anyone with an appropriate licence and accredited training. We pride ourselves on offering very competitive rates for short, medium, or long-term hire.


Because all our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and undergo a multi-point safety check by our in-house team of technicians before they leave the premises, our customers have the peace of mind that any hire vehicle is checked and ready to get to work.

Pre-scheduled maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns, and if there is a problem or an accident or if an emergency happens, Rentco customers enjoy the reassurance of a 24/7 national breakdown service. We’ve covered all bases so that you don’t have to worry.

The process

We’ve structured our rental agreements into easy to understand documents for the convenience of our customers. So, whether you need a light commercial vehicle, a bus or prime mover and trailer combo or all of the above, we can provide you with a straightforward contract with no hidden fees or charges.

We offer the keenest rates on our range of modern rental fleet and look after our long-term partners with our preferred partner’s rates.

Vehicle hire made easy

Whatever type of vehicle you need to get the job done, call into one of our outlets in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin and one of our friendly staff will look after you and talk you through the process.