All about our trailer rentals and why your business needs it

Trucks in a Rentco workshop

Do you feel as though your business is limited by a lack of transportation or equipment? Is the expense of trailers or trucks stopping you from expanding and taking your company to the next level? Why not look into our trailer rentals?

Renting a commercial trailer could be the answer, giving the flexibility you need to road test new services and say “yes” to short term jobs.

In the following article we will discuss our trailer rentals, and how your business can benefit from our services:


At Rentco, we specialise in commercial trailer hire. We have a large range of options including:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Low loader trailers
  • Drop deck trailers
  • Tautliners
  • Truck trailers
  • Extendable trailers
  • Tippers

Not sure which trailer is right for your needs? Let’s start by answering a few common questions from our customers:

I need a versatile trailer, what do you suggest?

A truck trailer is a good “all-rounder”. It comes with a 2 axle drawbar and can carry a 20’ container.

Our truck trailers suit loads of all sizes, and if your business needs to regularly transport different goods, we have long term hire available.

I need to carry a long load, is there a trailer for this?

Yes. An extendable flatbed semi-trailer is ideal for longer loads. It is a convenient option, giving you safety on the road regardless of what you are carrying.

If you prefer, we have traditional flatbed trailers available for hire.

I need a secure trailer that can be unloaded easily. Which trailer is right for my business?

A tautliner trailer could be the answer. The curtained sides are made with durable material, offering protection against the elements.

The base is sturdy and the sides can be unclipped for easy unloading. Included in our range of tautliners are single trailers, road trains, b-doubles, and lead and tag.

I need to transport machinery and building materials. How can I do this?

Drop deck trailers are another versatile option. They can be used with road trains to transport machinery, agricultural products, and general loads.

The deck is flexible, so you can drop it right down. This is useful for travelling in built-up areas where low infrastructure such as bridges may be an issue.

I need to move an irregular load. Is there a trailer to suit?

Low loader trailers are made for irregular freight. When you hire one of our low loaders, you can even add on extensions and ramps.

Our trailers are secure and strong, even in unstable weather conditions. Each low loader trailer has a rear beavertail.


If you own a business, you may have thought about purchasing your own fleet of trucks and trailers. This can be costly, especially when you are only just starting to offer new services.

Owning vehicles and equipment comes with unexpected, ongoing costs. Not only is there depreciation to worry about, but you will need to ensure your equipment is well maintained for the safety of your staff.

Remember, any trucks and trailers will need to be insured in case of an accident.

When you rent your commercial trailers from Rentco, you get access to the latest models and the benefit of regular servicing. Get the trailer you need when you need it, and have peace of mind that you are using the right tool for the job.

We hire commercial vehicles nationwide, giving you the convenience to transport freight anytime, anywhere!

Plus, when you hire from us it is tax-deductible. Save time and money by borrowing from us instead of purchasing new!


Do you want the flexibility to hire trailers for varying lengths of time? At Rentco, we understand projects can vary in length, and every business has different requirements.

We offer both short and long term hire for all of our commercial trailers. Whether it is a tautliner for a day or a truck trailer for a few months, we can help.

Renting your tools and equipment can save you money and give you the option to mix and match your fleet. Rentco is recognised as a leading hire company nationwide, and we have 24/7 customer service available.

Our friendly team are experienced in the industry and can offer you advice about which trailer is best suited to the job. Need something else? We also have a range of trucks, light vehicles, containers, swing lifters, and skels.

What are you waiting for? Hiring a commercial trailer makes good business sense! For more information about trailer rentals Contact us today to learn more.