How transport equipment hire can help you adapt to tech innovations in the industry

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While it may not seem like it to an outsider, the transport industry is in an age of rapid change. We’re currently seeing a technological revolution that’s reshaping how we move and transport goods and equipment around the world.

From the emergence of autonomous vehicles, to the swift uptake of electric vehicles, and the adoption of smart infrastructure that communicates with a networked fleet, it’s crucial for businesses to remain up-to-date with these breakthroughs.

Rentco is helping you look to the future, with our commitment to providing transport equipment hire that ensures you access the latest advancements in technology.

We’re here to support you in future-proofing your fleet.

Embracing technological advancements in logistics

The logistics industry has undergone some big changes in recent years.

Increased automation in vehicles has introduced a step change in efficiency and safety. Advances in GPS technology and telematics have helped to streamline fleet management, providing real-time data insights that help optimise fleet planning and movements, boosting efficiency on the road.

The seamless integration of GPS technology, vehicle diagnostics, and communication systems has empowered businesses to streamline transport routes. This allows drivers to reduce fuel consumption, while providing fleet managers a more comprehensive view of vehicle movements—which in turn, provides a more accurate record for proactive vehicle maintenance.

As well as this, we’ve seen an increase in electric vehicles entering worksites across the country. By replacing fuel depots with on-site charging infrastructure, and the lower maintenance requirements due to fewer moving parts, it all contributes to long-term cost savings for businesses that embrace the electric revolution.

They’re helping operators, too. Emission-free operation delivers better and safer air quality on site, and quieter operation helps to improve vehicle safety, while making it easier on the ears at the same time.

Every advancement helps to create a more efficient fleet, improving business operation, getting goods and materials where they need to go, faster, while keeping your people safer on site and out on the road.

Stay up-to-date with advances in technology with transport equipment hire

It’s important to remember that the exciting progression of technology brings its own concerns. The largest of which is keeping up with these advancements in the first place. 

As it stands, your current vehicles and machinery probably do their job. In fact, they probably do it reasonably well. 

But your current equipment is ageing. And your project and delivery needs may change.

As your vehicles and machinery ages, it becomes harder to manage fuel and load efficiency, and ensure the safety of your operators. Here and there, costs may start to build up—particularly as maintenance needs increase, and the cost of fuel continues its upward trajectory.

Transport equipment hire is the best way to ensure your business adapts to technological innovations, and ensures you stay ahead of the curve. For many reasons:

  • Instead of investing a significant amount of CapEx in one asset,  which you then need to maintain for its lifetime, you can hire one for a fraction of the cost and avoid ongoing maintenance and upkeep fees
  • You get peace of mind that you’re using the latest equipment, that you know is being maintained and cared for
  • It’s a great way to manage any downtime your fleet faces due to maintenance or equipment failure. You can hire a replacement vehicle for the duration, and never see a drop in efficiency or delivery.

How our transport equipment rentals support the transport industry

At Rentco, our diverse fleet is carefully managed to cater to a range of different industries.

Our vehicles and equipment feature the latest in technological innovation. From heavy-duty trucks and trailers, to our new range of Terberg YT200-EV terminal tractors, you get access to equipment that helps you integrate these advancements into your fleet.

Our 24/7 national breakdown support helps you minimise downtime and maintain the efficiency of your operations, and you get peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of any accidents.

With a comprehensive range of transport equipment, for both short- and long-term projects, we help you optimise your resource allocation by only engaging the machinery you need, when you need it.

Our aim is to help your business find the piece you need to see your project through, ensuring your timelines remain track—and your organisation thrives.

Future-proof your fleet with Rentco